Pest foggers and Dragonfruit is too expensive

Consumables that now cost bloody tokens are way too expensive at 100 bloody tokens. I can see 10-20. 100 is too much when I go through a full stack of each for every bg.


I just wanna smack people off bridges and cliffs without any effort whatsoever!

WHY DO THIS TO ME BLIZZ!!! :pleading_face:



Now you’ll have to play like me with zero extra abilities.



People will stop using them entirely. Or save for special occasions. No way am I going to spend 300 bloody tokens a bg like I was willing to drop 30 rousing ire.

Fun was detected.


Agreed. At first I thought it would bring more people out for wpvp.
But with how slow it can be to farm them, I don’t think it’ll happen.
Won’t even be worth it.

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Such a dumb stealth-change (undocumented?) should’ve just been left “as is”. Hopefully they change it back (if a blue sees this thread, pretty please?)


kill pest foggers


Can only get 50 Bloody Tokens per WQ. Unless ur GY camping WPvP quests for hours a day, the items feel really inaccessible

Either reduce cost or disable them in BG

Maybe they’re just trying to force these items towards hardcore wpvp’ers.

Still, a bit odd to move from rousing ire to bloody tokens.

Cause wpvp is dead otherwise. I get it, and I do love wpvp, but the cost it too high.

They should just let you buy with either wPvP currency or Rising Ire, give players choice. Seems simple enough, for example:

Removing player choice is always bad design


I wish they’d revert this change.
Or at least make Bloody Tokens BoA and/or purchasable on the AH.

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Also, it just incentivizes mindless zerging to get tokens. That’s what people are doing these first few days. Maybe they just want to buy their full wPvP set to get the upper hand for a week, since blizz decided to not release the new honor gear…

I’m actually enjoying not having to worry about returning to the city to restock constantly.

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It is too high, even for wpvp.

But outside of that, what else can you do with these items? Their niche is very strong in random battlegrounds…but randoms will go the way of the dodo via Blitz.

And that leaves us with epics. Well…we all know that epics are just about following the herd.

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These items should have been wpvp only since they were added. A ranged aoe knockback on a 10 second cd is incredibly op in many bg situations. dragon fruit and the truffle are also very strong. instanced pvp like bgs should be class kits and ilvl only. i also dont want to expect my random teammates to buy and use these.


I really don’t understand why this is usable in bgs:

30 yard ranged AOE damage, knock back, and snare with a 10 second CD?

It’s like you designed something to make sure players can’t capture nodes/gys or approach anyone at a choke point or near a cliff.

That fact alone always made me hesitant to use them.

Can confirm that if wpvp stays the way it is currently, it’ll be easyish to farm the coins.

I was able to earn about 3500 bloody coins in around 4 and a half hours.
I farmed 2200+ on my DH in about 2 hours in Thaldrazus pvp zone. Just a huge melee for coins.

After I got geared, my friends and I went just wpvping in Emerald Dream and it’s popping off. Just a complete and utter fight all over. (Crates. Pvp Zones. Etc)
Earned another 1300ish before I had to get off.

Still, that’s only THIRTEEN items total. For hours of grinding, and while fun, I can go through 13 foggers/Fruit in a day easily.

I think dropping them to 50 tokens would be fair.

Shouldn’t even be usable in bgs

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