[A][Proudmoore]<Delirium> 12/12M NYA LF RANGED DPS

Current needs / requirements

  • Talented and reliable ranged dps with experience in mythic raiding.
  • We require raiders with a stable schedule and ability to attend raid on both raids each week (90% attendance minimum)
  • Please be prepared with current logs.

Raid Schedule
Wed/Sun 8:45pm - 12am EST (Invites go out at 8:45pm Eastern, First pull is at 9pm EST)

Members will need to be able to make both raid days.

About Us
We are a chill raid team that is currently progressing through Mythic Nya’lotha. We were founded at the beginning of BFA and are looking to grow our group so that we can continue pushing through mythic raid content as well as M+ keys.

We run a relatively small guild so members don’t feel like just another face in the crowd. We do not run a large bench, so if you are recruited, it will be for core and you will be raiding.

We love loot, but we also love having fun while getting it! So we highly value not only skilled players, but people who are a great team/culture fit.

Past progression includes: Uldir 5/8M BoD 6/9M EP 6/8M

What are we looking for
Competent players:

  • good mechanics

  • good understanding of and comfortability with class/spec rotation and utility

Players with great attitudes:

  • ability to listen, communicate and learn

  • easy going/tilt-proof/non-toxic

  • team player (understand that working together to kill a boss is more important than your parse)

  • great sense of humor (degree in memeology preferred, but not required)

Players committed to progression:

  • previous experience with progression raiding

  • able to maintain relevant neck/ilvl for raiding - 80+ neck/470ilvl min currently.

  • able to listen to constructive criticism to improve performance if required (or understand that you may have to sit out)

  • a stable schedule and ability to consistently attend raid on both scheduled days each week (90% attendance). We understand that real life happens sometimes, if you are unable to attend raid on the rare occasion, reasonable advance notice will need to be given.

If you are interested in meeting us, please contact me on Bnet - Neph#11581 or Discord – Neph#9821 . Thanks, Neph

Fun peeps lookin for a fun brewmaster to do fun things!

Good morning tanks and RDPS! Put down those fireworks and fill out an app! We want to hear from you!

Woohoo! LFM 6h/wk raids! Who wants to kill N’Zoth?! Looking for ranged and a tank! :smiley:

Hi guys, I’m a returning player that’s really excited about Shadowlands. If you’re still in the market for a really strong tank I’m hoping we can connect! PepsiCola#1911. While I’m not going to have the current gear / logs to show my level of ability - I’d like to chat on discord about my past experience and why I think I’d be the best fit for your team entering a new expansion and possibly even finishing up this current tier.

Thanks for the interest!

Still looking for more cool peeps!

Looking for a tank and RDPS!

Sent a discord request

Sweet! Thanks for the interest!

Looking for a fun two-day raid team? We are recruiting!

Update! Still have a couple of core spots for shiny ranged dps!

Hit us up ranged dps!!

Morning! Good luck with caches today!

I got some pants. Not great but not awful. How about you?

I’m down to chat! Tazz#11657 on bnet

Thanks for the interest!

Looking for more ranged apps! Who’s watching the Shadowlands stream today?

S h a d o w l a n d s
Y e e e e h a w w w w

Hey ranged dps! Wyd?