[A][Proudmoore]<Delirium> 12/12M NYA LF RANGED DPS


… is gonna be dead soon.

Good morning ranged dps! Get in touch to learn more about our guild!

Aww yeah guess who’s recruiting?

Happy Friday y’all. LFM RDPS!

Lookin for more pew pew

Yes! Too many people nowadays caring only about their parse and will wipe the raid/ignore mechanics because of it.

Looking for more solid players! :wink:

We are looking for RDPS!

Looking for RDPS apps!

Looking for more ranged DPS!

Ranged DPS come check us out!

So close to the kill! N’Zoth dies next week. Looking for RDPS!

Looking for more ranged DPS!

Ranged DPS let’s gooo!

What’s in the M+ box this week?

Let’s not discuss it. LFM RDPS apps!

Good morning! LFM RDPS to join our team!

Beta hype! LFM RDPS apps!

N’Zoth is dead! Bring on the farm content!

Still recruiting RDPS for farm and Shadowlands!