Appearances disappearing and Transmog not applying

So I have three outfits from paid sources (IE: the Blizzard Store) that have mysteriously vanished from my sets tab in the transmog menu. The Fae outfit, the Blizzcon PJs, and the RAF Explorer one. All three are gone and I don’t even see the individual pieces in the tabs.

I’ve disabled all addons and the issue persists and I’ve reset the UI

Likewise no matter how low level the gear appearance is, I’m completely unable to apply any transmog to any piece of gear on.

There’s a known issue that causes transmogs from outside the game (store, Recuit-a-Friend, etc.) to periodically become unavailable and then after some random time available again. Developers have apparently figured out why it happens but not yet how to fix it.

A better article with the most up to date Blue posts as they’ve worked through things.

TL;DR - you still have the mogs. There is no rhyme or reason to them disappearing and reappearing. There is no fix. Until there is a updated Blue post or hotfix announcement, you’re using any of those mogs at your own risk and with your own gold on the line with having to mog and re-mog.

So its good to know that this is something they’re trying to fix but

This also doesn’t solve my other issue, that non-blizz shop items cannot be transmogged at all. Questing gear that are in my apperances and nothing I do will transmog the item’s apperances at all.

Edit just in case:

This is happening specifically on my night elf monk, when i go to other characters everything is fine and I can transmog anything that’s available to them. However when I go to my nelf monk I can’t transmog ANYTHING, like, legit nothing. I’ll set up an outfit that’s all Classic WoW era appearances just for testing with all my addons disabled and no appearance will be applied and (thankfully) no gold will be taken.