Anybody Else Disappointed With The New Class?

Nope. I like them! :smiley:


The only thing I dislike about them, is that I can’t pick what mortal visage I want. :rage:

Yeah where’s my horde gnome visage!

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I am mildly entertained.

Some where inbetween National Lampoon and Social Media.

I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed devastation. I’ve always played warrior and I’m not a fan of casters but after running uldaman on my evoker I even considered running it as a main in DF.

It’s okay for most people to not love it. If that was the case we’d have too many evokers running around.


Serious, it’s like another Elf race that can change into a Weredragon, smh.

Like I wanted to play a Tauren Drak’Thyr. :sob:

Nah, I think they’re great. Earthwarden tank spec would’ve been cool, though, as well as the ability to mog our full dracthyr form.

I already enjoyed playing Devastation on the beta, but I’ve been playing mostly Preservation since they went live. It is so much fun to me, I may just raid heal this expansion as a primary instead of filling in as needed.

It’s a bit challenging, i like how the talents and abilities workout.

By comparison, I have to say that I like it alot more than Monk. Also, it’s a bit weird at first being a ranged class with low ranged spells but once you get used to it’s fine, it also makes the gameplay more engaging, like melee classes are.

If only… :dracthyr_cry_animated: maybe I’d like them more.


Evoker plays like a ranged DH. My action bars aren’t nearly as full as if I were playing nearly any other class, similar to my DH.

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It also seems to attract every player that thinks “random knockback in the middle of a fully stacked pack that took some work to LOS” is a great idea.

Who at blizzard thought that the class which readily attracts a certain type of player would do well with a massive knockback? Should have had the DH treatment. No major abilities to mess up a pull…

Can’t believe how many packs of uldaman earthen have been blown across the screen to be unstacked and/or pull other mobs in the last week.

It’s a ranged caster so yeah I’m automatically disappointed.

25 yards it ain’t ranged


Go find a thread or two asking for playable Drakonids and voice your support! Or make your own thread entirely! If the High Elf squad taught us anything, it’s that being vocal is required!


I heard people say the exact same thing about DH and Monk, and to be fair, they were right at the time. Those classes are now much better fleshed out than what they were when they were released.

I think Evoker will find it’s niche, it’s just going to take some time and iteration.

The elf threads…Oh No
I did just made a random post/thread about fixed profile pictures because I can actually see my face now so I shall wait to post again to not be spammy :dracthyr_heart:

Go post in these ones:



The models are neat and flight is neat, but the class mechs are a little boring.

There are some things about Dracthyr that I am not a huge fan of, but the class is growing on me. Devastation has the sort of chaotic button smashing playstyle similar to Fury or (old) Fire Mage.