Anybody Else Disappointed With The New Class?

preservation is good stuff. well designed healer

Eh, not having the Warrior class for melee seems very lack luster. But I wasn’t interested in the Dracthyr to begin with. Hero Classes should a bit more versatile.

If 25 yards isn’t ranged then I guess my Shadowstep exists just to teleport me in place lol.

im liking everything about preservation so far… except being 1 shot by enemy devastation evokers in RBG’s… Nothing like getting hit by a 90k deep breath + Stun, followed up by a 85k Fire breath…

Guess i should just dodge it rite?

You might want to speak for yourself. I love every second of the Dracthyr evoker. You will, too.

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I’m trying it out, but that 25 foot range for things - that’s not going to be a good thing for content converted from earlier XPACs in the future (like the M+ dungeons available in SL Season 4).

It’s close enough to pick up splash from melee mechanics and too far away to be under the melee umbrella.

I’m not sure I’ll continue playing it past the pre-release activity.

I’m only doing it now because there’s no meaningful content available besides that.

only disappointed in the fact they can’t be themselves as mounts like worgen get the racial on all fours =/

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Nope, I love mine.

Evoker in a vacuum is totally fine. It’s the fact that they’re hard-locked to Dracthyr and vice-versa that absolutely grinds me. Classes being racially locked, while incredibly stupid, isn’t as bad as an entire race being locked into one class.

It’s not for me. I played the starting zone, fiddled around a bit with some of the spells, and that’s all I needed.

It’s also just flat out too narrow to be the Dragon class. It makes the second class in the game that’s heavily involved with Earth magic, that can’t tank. I could understand the lack of a melee spec, given how many melee specs are in the game, but I can’t help but think that the Dragon Class really shouldn’t be the one to break the melee trend. Caster/healer w/ Mail feels like it was done because the game needs more casters and healers, and Mail is the least utilized armor class. The visual identity, theme, lore tie-ins, and gameplay really don’t have that much cohesion.

Things like Neltharion’s scale turning into one of the most powerful defensive melee armaments on Azeroth, really set the tone of Black Dragons and Earth Magic having a tank slant. And here we are, with Shamans being unable to tank, and Evokers, literally Neltharion’s scions and Legion, unable to even enter melee combat to begin with, let alone use Black Dragon magic to any real lore-based effect, when the Black Flight is their progenitor.

IMO Evoker is a worse implementation than Monk, which has lore composed of ‘lol pandas lmao’.

I’m only disappointed with the run animation in drac form.

Despite them being new and what not they are at the bottom of lots of sims and charts sadly.

Move over laser chickens. We have actual lasers now. If you’re disappointed, you clearly haven’t been using Deep Breath enough.

Been playing a lot of shadow priest recently. Decided to level up a Dracthyr and try a couple dungeons and a raid or two. My god is the rotation braindead on Evoker. I feel like going from performing a concerto on Shadow Priest to being one of those drinking bird toys on Evoker.

But remember, it’s an advanced class.

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Nothing wrong with me!


They are just lizards only bigger.

I think they are fun for casual content like heroic dungeons, low level m+, LFR, normal raids but higher level content of PvE they might struggle. Simply put I feel a lot of their spells don’t don’t well higher level of content where it requires people to get of out things , or tank is kitting mobs or when trash adds need to be dealt with ASAP. Their hold to aim wait a few secs till AoE DOES max damage might not be ideal in those content.

Also their big AoE is kind of glitchy or odd to use. Sometimes if you say are slightly in a lower angle or lower evulation other AoE spells works just fine but the dragon breath when you try to use it it will give a red circle so you have to reposition. It seems fine on flat surface like in SoA but in area where the surface is a bit bumpy or is is not flat it gives that error a lot. Like the 1st boss in the new dungeon where there is a area where is slope down if you go to the slope down area and try to use dragon breath it won’t let you, but if you stand at the top of the slope is fine even though is on the same area as that boss room have no stairs or elvated area.

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If the race and the class weren’t locked into each other I think it would have been better.

People have wanted to play as a dragon forever, sure, but not as a weird spellcastery thing that evokers are. That’s a new concept. It’s why they won’t shut up about a tank spec.

raising hand.

it does not have! in any way the cool amazing feeling that dk, dh or when shaman became cross faction, (back on the days alliance had paladins, and horde shamans)

you felt cool, powerful, a dark lore, now is like playing wizards 101 with a cute, winged creature; like a cat spit a hair ball, you spit cute fire ball.

(Plus having them in the party are so annoying the wings take more space than the DH in meta…) the human form looks cooler than the dragon.

what a surprise, blizz not listening and doing their own thing ? im shocked :wink:

Yea those beefy draks would have been great… Life WTF Blizz… Use that Body Type 3 and make it happen…

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