Any plan to fix zg encahnts?

I was kinda excited for this exploit being a warlock and all, but I’m glad I didn’t get my Bloodvine Pants made yet specifically for a blue response.

Sure, some people might have gotten away with it in Vanilla, but it clearly wasn’t intended behavior, and if they were to allow it today, it would completely change the meta.

The 2 hour trade window + Mage enchant would be massive. Mage Voodoo Dolls would skyrocket to possibly 200g going by Libram of Voracity prices. I have mixed feelings since I would love 2% spell hit, but at the same time it doesn’t feel right using this exploit.

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EU player here, I think I already earned my speaking priviledges by leveling to 10 on retail on a NA account :wink: . Thats like torture nowadays.

“Poster doesnt have achievments so he must have no experience” - classic attack if you dont have any arguments left. Lmao.

Keep dodgeing the raid items being tradable thing tho, we can go in circles if you like.

Wait, you are selling them?
Geez, we are giving them away

I mean, most people who have credibility have something to show for it. You are too scared to post on your main…thus you lose all credibility. Considering your replies, you are obviously a troll and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Not saying I’m just saying.

It doesn’t matter what twinks did in vanilla with BoE items. It’s a whole different situation when the enchant is used on BoP raid gear because of the 2 hr trade window introduced in classic that had this obviously unintended side effect. These are intended to be class specific enchants.


Know what else was possible and was normal in vanilla? AV games having numbers next to them…

But they removed them to stop us from doing something today that we could have just as easily done using IRC back then too. They don’t care. They will remove it anyway.


Yeah that change was complete bs. AV premades existed in vanilla/tbc/wrath. They existed as voice com premades for 15 years until horde complained. #nochangesexceptifpeoplecomplain


Since you cant post on the NA forums with your EU chars it’s sadly not possible.(There is only a bug report forum on NA, so I have to use this one if I want to share my view on things, I’m actively trying to get bugs fixed in this forum since beta). Have a nice day tho.

Seems like you want people banned more than you want actual changes.

Atleast for people who do it on bop items due to the change to raid loot being tradable, on boe might be fine after all if blizz should decided so.

But why do you care if they are banned or not? They don’t affect your gameplay at all. seems like you’re just salty you picked one of the worst classes in classic and want others (mostly casters) to suffer. Why so much enmity?

Shorter queues?

People didn’t enchant BOP items with class specific enchants and then trade them to other toons in Vanilla.



you realize there are no more queues? and banning 100 people wouldn’t fix queues even if they still existed. but I’d like to hear an actual argument for banning people who used a mechanic from vanilla wow.




I mean you didn’t give a reasoning for banning people, other than you just being salty.

Re-read my post. I’m not the one calling for bans.


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you tried to use “shorter queues” as your net benefit, queues don’t exist so I’d like you to expand on that outcome. what do you GAIN from people being banned?

Well, you’re wrong there too.


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How am I wrong? They implemented layers and there are no queues on any servers? Once again. what do you gain from others being banned?

Because I’m not calling for bans. If you read my post you’d know that. There is a question mark after ‘shorter queues’ for a reason.


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