Any plan to fix zg encahnts?

I’m well aware you didn’t call for bans. But you give a reasoning for why people would want them, which I refuted by explaining that there are no longer queues. so I’d like you to expand on that. or don’t, and keep telling me to read your post?

This was always part of the game as I knew it. If it’s exploits you want to fix, remove layering.

I’d like you to expand on how people Enchanted and then traded BOP items in vanilla.

Anyways, back to what you’re asking, I wasn’t making a statement about shorter queues (hence the question mark) merely answering a question that hasn’t been answered by someone else with a potentiality.



So you answered a question with a moot point? JFC all you do is troll.


No, it isn’t trolling.

Now, again I ask, how did people enchant and trade BOP items in Vanilla?



It was never possible in Vanilla to apply this thru the trade window or on other characters’ BoP gear, which is what this bug thread is about. It’s not about BoE items twinks use.


“answering” a question with a non-answer is not trolling? news to me.

Speaking of which, you’re still avoiding the question directed your way.



Awaiting a non-troll response on my original question.

Then ask the person calling for bans.


picking and choosing bugs now? I thought bugs that existed in vanilla were considered not bugs in classic?

Gantrithor, why would you respond to a question then act like you didn’t? Oh I know, because you’re a troll.

This (your) post is trolling because it doesn’t contribute to the topic at hand, which you are now avoiding because you know you are wrong.

I never pretended I didn’t respond to a post by someone else. You’re hung up on it because you know with regard to the topic at hand you are wrong.



ah you admit to trolling then. okay, enjoy your 1k+ forum troll posts. Still waiting for a follow-up reasoning for banning people. why respond to question then act like you didn’t?

It’s cute seeing you and the other two Ret paladins in this game so upset lol.


OK, fine. A reason to ban people who exploit, because it would be consistent with Blizzard policy and subsequent action for other exploits.

There you go.

Now, tell me, since you yourself claimed it was possible, how did people enchant and then trade BOP items in Vanilla.



This post is absuredly lenient…

People knowingly go out of their way to exploit the game and the worst case result is you MIGHT remove the ENCHANT?

Delete the enchant, delete the item the enchant was on, 7 day ban the owner of the item, and 7 day ban the other class that enchanted it.

Why in the world would you not bring the hammer down on this kind of blatant exploitation? It’s not like people are accidentally doing this… you have to go out of your way for this exploit and plan around it.


It’s just “clever use of game mechanics” to some people in this thread.

It’s an exploit in every sense of the word.



To play devils advocate, an EU player can not post on their main here
as i can not post on my main there in the EU forums.

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