Any Character Customization for 9.2.5?

The vast majority of new customization options for Worgen was just eye colors. They added only six new fur color options, probably because they didn’t know if they were going to be able to separate Worgen form and Human form for customization. They at least added unused facial hair, ears, and hairstyles, but I don’t think they did too many brand new options in any of those categories.

Worgen need more customization categories. Some more fur color options would be good as well, like a proper black fur option similar to the white fur option.

On a side note, what happened to the dark brown eye colors and eye shape options for Humans? They showed the options off at Blizzcon 2019 but they’re nowhere to be seen in the game files. Did they get lost forever in the chaos of the shift to working from home?

The darkest Black skin tones could definitely use the dark brown eye colors because none of the current eye colors for Humans are actually “brown” as the “currently available brown” eye colors are really grey, orange, and various forms of hazel eyes. Hazel eyes may have been passable as brown for the old darker skin tones, but they look very hazel and light colored on the new darker skin colors.

Proper dark brown eye colors need to be added to Humans, especially since Kul Tirans already have options for brown eyes.

Humans (and perhaps other races as well) should get eye shape options similar to the Nightborne.

I’ll also note that male Blood Elves are very lacking in customization compared with female Blood Elves.


Many races lack dark brown or black eyes and I feel like every race with irises needs them

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