Antihero / Mercenary RP Guild, The Last Legion

Hey there!
Are you looking for a new RP guild? Do you like Dark, Mercenary, antihero RP? Are you the kind to brood in a corner but save the innocent man down the street? Well The Last Legions are recruiting and you would fit in perfect.

For those of you that don’t want to read up on all of the stuff here for the guild ad, I’ll give you the short and sweet of it!

We are a Mercenary RP Guild that accepts people of all kinds and all backgrounds, especially leaning into those who are considered exiles, outcasts, and the taboo. We accept all kinds, Death Knights, Demon Hunters, Necromancers, Warlocks, even Manari! (I see all you red goats out there!) and honestly everything else in between. So if you have a character looking for a home, a cause, someone to pay them for getting their hands dirty, feel free to reach out to the Last Legions!

Now for those of you that might want more specifics,
Hi I’m the GM of Last Legions and have been RPing for 8+ years both in World of Warcraft, SWTOR, ESO, and D&D. No matter the medium I have loved telling stories with others for a very long time! That all being said I noticed that while there are many mercenary companies, military guilds and the like, few of them really cater to the niche of some of the darker characters people like to explore in RP. Hence the creation of The Last Legions!

I want to give a home for characters who might have dark powers, troubled pasts, or even be of evil origin, that don’t just wanna be a villain, don’t get me wrong I love a good villain, but I think there is something really special about a antihero, or a redemption story arc, or just a morally gray character who’s ends justify the means.

I also in making this guild wanted to give a space that was drama free and new RPer friendly. I know it can be really daunting to some who are new to RP and have never dipped their toes into its vast ocean before, but it does not have to be! Additionally I know it can be frustrating dealing with drama ingame, when many of us are just trying to enjoy some storytelling to unwind from our real lives. With all this in mind I wanted to make a casual atmosphere where people can come RP their little (maybe emo) hearts out and just have a good time telling stories that are engaging and interesting.

Now you may be asking, well that is all great? But what is your guild’s story? What are their in character goals?
Well if it wasn’t a little obvious our goal is to make money of course, afterall we are mercenaries, but there is more to it then that. In character the Last Legions was founded as a way to help those who are linked with azeroth’s troubled, evil filled past become members of society again and help the world they may have very well helped to harm, some by choice and others not. That all being said the Last Legion is always accepting those who would make the journey to their citadel “Lastkeep” out in the Eastern Plaguelands and willing to become a aspirant with us.

I hope this post has encouraged you to give us a try and maybe join up, or maybe reach out to us to do events with your own guild or with your own stories! We have plenty of plans and desires with this guild, dreams we are excited to make into reality, however we are taking it one day at a time and we hope you will make this exciting journey with us!

It did not occur to me that I might want to put a way to contact our guild if your interested in joining.
Feel free to reach out to me ingame if I am online, or you can message thechoom on discord**
Thank you all for those that have reached out with interest


We’re still new but we’ve been having lots of fun! <3

Been thinking about resubbing and giving MG-A another go with an Eredar Warlock. Might check y’all out, sounds like your guild could be a good fit for the kind of character I’m thinking of.

Sounds great! We actually have a lot of casters in our group XD. We would be happy to have you, feel free to reach out any time.

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A very nice bump, but also please direct your attention here.

Out of curiosity. Cross-faction?

Yes we are intent on being crossfaction, as of this time we do have mostly alliance members, but we are more than happy to welcome our horde friends!



Just bumping this post and excited to say the Last Legion has finished it’s first major storyline! We are excited to get on with our next big storyline and lots of fun story arcs planned!


As Horde Ambassador and Secutor for The Last Legion I’d like to just say my greetings and do a little bump.

If you have a Horde-sided character and looking for Neutral RP and with more opportunities to interact with the Alliance, The Last Legion is highly recommended and everyone has been incredibly friendly and open!

We are newcomer friendly and willing to teach, with ample opportunities for characters.

If you are interested, feel free message me as Imye in-game with questions, or via Discord as SlapDrink (preferred messaging)


I like this guild. It is a good guild.

Happy to Report that Last Legion is still going strong and has grown it’s officer core even further. We are having events three times a week and having been playing through our most recent storyline.
I can say without a shadow of a doubt these are some of the best Rpers I have had the pleasure to write with and I hope more folks will join us soon!

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I like idea of being a subhero or unchosen

Bumping our post here! Last Legion is going strong and is back in the groove after the holiday season, we hope everyone had a great holiday and if anyone is interested in joining up, or reaching out to us, please feel free to reach out!

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