Kaldorei Guilds That Accept Illidari / Illidari Guilds

Are there any Kaldorei Guilds that allow Demon Hunters or, alternatively, any Demon Hunter guilds? I’ve been trying to find a place for my new DH but I haven’t been successful.

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Only one I can think of is Malanorei.

I would give Conclave of the Moon a go! Can find their card at conclave.crd.co, they have an Illidari sect.


We’re not specifically a Illidari or Night Elf guild, but The Last Legion is always a happy to invite demon hunters into it ranks! Check us out below if you would like! Regardless I hope you find the perfect guild for your character! :smiley:

Bumping to see if anyone has any other answers, honestly it’s kinda cringe how many NE guilds go so smoothly between ‘we’re a home for all NE players and have a real interest in stories about their society’ to ‘also flat ban on Illidari/DKs despite them being integrated into NE society for years at this point’

It’s because not many are going to agree with Tyrande’s methods of allowing them in. Kaldorei have a strong dislike for the undeath and fel. Though I’d argue more that the Alliance may have accepted both however the Kaldorei only begrudgingly accepted them but not fully.

Same can be said for the Darkfallen.


Conclave of the Moon! Cool folks indeed!

From a Druid perspective, demon hunters and death knights are unnatural. Their demonic and dark energies contaminate and create a very unhealthy imbalance in the world.