Goatlock looking for new home

Hey there!

Long-time roleplayer trying to find herself a nice guild to settle into. I’ve been browsing the guild finder and the forums for one, but I can’t seem to find one on my own. I have been roleplaying for over 20 years now from humble beginnings on Yahoo! groups to the old days of AOL chatrooms/AIM, MSN messenger, MUDS, forums, and all sorts of other places in between. I’ve been roleplaying on wow since Vanilla and have roleplayed all different types of characters and races. New to Draenei roleplay but not to their lore.

I am looking to join a guild with a focus on roleplay ( either guild-related or with those who are passionate and enjoy making new RP partners ) and a casual, welcoming environment. I enjoy running old raids and content for mogs along with mount and pet collecting, and just being around folks who enjoy roleplay and socializing. I don’t always have the time to roleplay ( and sometimes a muse that goes MIA at random ), but when I do I really enjoy it along with making new friends to craft stories with.

I’d love to find a guild for my little goatlock bean where she can meet new friends and go on misadventures with them. So, if your guild is seeking or accepting new members, I’d love to make contact. Feel free to reply here or shoot me a whisper in-game. My goatlock’s name is Ximena.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


A goat lock looking for a home? I wish you luck! I’m going to mention a few guilds I know of that you may fit in with/may be worth a good brows! I hope you find the right one for you! All are decently active/casual on the content side of things (to my knowledge).

The Antoran Harbingers:
The Antoran Harbingers are very numerous in the city and outside of it. From what I understand, they have a distinct structure and way to grow within while I believe being pro-Legion? I don’t know as much, but many are quality RPers.

The Legacy of Arzaal:
I am not sure if this guild is still active, but if your character is Anti-Legion it may be a great fit while still being a warlock.

This is another pro-Legion group, but newer on the forums! I have not seen them around in game but figured mentioning them could be helpful!

The Shadow of Lordaeron:
This is my personal guild, you may find that it could potentially be a good home for you, depending on circumstances!

There are also a few other groups around that I’ve seen in game. You may have some good luck just browsing around Stormwind! I hope this has been helpful.


If you’re looking for something of the “less evil” variety, I might also recommend The Last Legion.

It’s a really fun bunch and they’re perfect for any sort of dark hero archtype - not a villain, perhaps not a hero, but someone wanting to do better with what they are!