Ante Meridiem - 4/8M # 7-10EST # LF TANK & Heals


4/8 Mythic EP
“9/9 Mythic BoD”

8/8M Uldir

Ante Meridiem, one of only 2 remaining guilds that have continuously raided since vanilla WoW on ALLIANCE Stormrage, US (PVE)

WEBSITE: amwow dot net

PM Raid Team (Evenings)
7:00pm - 10:00pm EST


Tank - Non DK / DH tank required.
Healers: Disc priest / resto shaman / MW monk

Ranged DPS
High: All exceptional ranged dps considered but especially a mage or lock.

Melee DPS
Only exceptional DPS need apply

Contact: Numerical (gucci#1524) Discord - Numerical#1505

We are a dedicated raid team and we are recruiting players of exceptional level. The guild has 3 raid teams. As a result of that, we have about 40-60 players online at all times. The guild is a very friendly, welcoming environment, and we are very active outside of raid times.

Please add Numerical to your BattleTag / discord and fill out our application on our website.


Still looking for DPS!

Plus one healer - H Pally or Priest Healer

Looking for dps and heals!

Still looking for exceptional DPS and a non druid / monk healer.

One Tank and range dps needed!

tank and a dps needed

Still recruiting! Apply and join us!

Still recruiting! Apply and join us!

Looking for a tank and DPS

LF Ranged dps and a Tank. Exceptional players wanted!!!

392/391 equipped Prot Warrior
8/8 N Uldir
8/8 H Uldir
3/8 M Uldir
9/9 N BoD
6/9 H BoD
Level 36 Azerite Necklace
Protection Warrior LF Heroic/Mythic raiding guild
Can provide logs as needed
Btag : Darkreven #1325

-Also play Blood DK, DH, Pally and G Druid

-Availability is pretty much open after 4 ST Stormrage until 11 to 12 ST every day

I think you may have applied before so feel free to pop in an application.

In the meantime, i need ranged DPS.


Looking for exceptional ranged dps! Please apply and give us a go!

4/9 looking for DPS

Looking for exceptional dps to join our raid team! Please apply and join our ranks!

7/9 now - looking for melee or ranged dps

Bumperino! Stormwall is close!

Looking for DPS and possibly a tank

Leeeee bump ^