Another plea to bring back Mage Tower artifact appearances

I have, and?

Aotc mounts are just a bonus. It only make sense to reintroduce them. If they actually do it.

Mt and cm gear were designed as tests of skill. Not some end of expansion bonus mount.

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Nah, I still think it’s forgettable.

(Wow, this was from a year ago…)

Promotional stuff.

Was always available through BMAH, and is now available through another even more expensive and convoluted avenue.

We don’t know anything about what that means, though. The tender value is obviously a placeholder. If they just throw an AOTC mount on the TP I would be very annoyed but I don’t think they’re going to do that.

It’s a motivation to play the current season and a “I was there” pride sort of thing.

How many people push themselves to finish stuff like AOTC and elite sets during their time?

How many wouldn’t bother with it if that push wasn’t there?

I’ve been playing this game a long time, and I know exactly what can be cheesed in following expansions. The only things I really push for in this game are things that I know will go away instead of being forever obtainable later.


So the Trading Post sets are just being ignored?

Ask for recolors/remodels. They’ve already done some of that with the Werebear.


I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not.

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Um they literally were…

Some might consider them easy and other not. Since everyone has different learning curve.

But they were…

Am I wrong?

But sure keep grasping at your little hope by crappy fomo items coming back and comparing it to the real deals.

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Tier 3 was discontinued. Has BMAH been something that has always existed ingame or was it something added to give you the option of getting removed gear and mounts? Plagued proto is another example.

How about people strive to get better in an activity because it’s actually fun and there are rewards to work toward? You know, instead of I better just play this because I know this might go away and I wanna feel better than everyone else even though I cheesed a “challenge” at the tail end of an expansion with OP gear.

“I was there”
See titles and achievements


Tier 3 was a casualty of wrath…

No one was warned it’d be discontinued…

Cms and Mt were specifically stated to be fomo tests of skill.

Aotc mounts aren’t a test of skill and just a bonus for playing the final patch of an expansion…

TLDR: you’ll never have cm gear stop holding your breath


I have proof that I played Legion and worked my butt off for those swords. Should that be taken from me?

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Tier 3 was discontinued because they recycled the raid, not because it was a promised-to-be-removed prestige reward. The only reason it’s any different from any other tier set is because it was removed.

Which is, coincidentally, the only reason people want MT appearances.

If you could just have them, they’d just be another weapon mog.

If that’s what you want to play for, then that’s fine.

Play that way during the current season and you’ll get this season’s rewards.

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AotC mount = FOMO

CM and MT = FOMO

I guess I missed the fine print about, “it will be unobtainable after patch .” was only about solo/dungeon content.


Just to hammer in this point, at a glance at your achievements you haven’t even bothered doing Balance of Power, which unlocks a whole nother row of artifact appearances that are in some cases much better looking than the MT ones.


Yeah you did cuz blizz specifically said they wouldn’t be continued, lmao.

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Counterpoint: Play the game when the rewards are active like everyone else had to.


But growing up I was told that I was special!!!

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Then you know that it was easier than the felbear is now when final raid was released. No one is taking anything from you. If you did the challenge grats, you beat it before antorus, cool you got to have it first. You’ve had if for almost 8 years now. Take your memories and the friends you made along the way and “the prestige” and share them with a new crop of players. DH weapons have been crap since legion. It’s unfair to gatekeep forever. Give you folks a new “I’m the best” title and let’s all stop this silliness. If you want to feel better than the players around you play PvP and get good. Do mythic plus and gatekeep there

Or how about maybe have new prestige with new fomo???


Right, that’s the point.

They said it would be unobtainable after a specific date.

Bringing back one FOMO item opens the door to more coming back.

Either something is ACTUALLY unobtainable after being removed, or it’s all “unobtainable until we change our minds at a later date”.

The difference is nuanced…

There’s no reason for aotc to be fomo. It’s just a silly little bonus mount.

Mt and cm were tests of skill of how classes were designed at that moment in time. They were meant to be tests of skill for all time

Got it?

It’s also really good for the game to have things not everyone can get. I’m sorry but it’s really cool when my friends start playing WoW and they see me , someone who’s been playing for nearly 2 decades get excited seeing someone with Scarab Lord or Corrupted Ashbringer.

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