Another plea to bring back Mage Tower artifact appearances

They are quite literally some of the coolest looking weapon models Blizzard has ever put into the game. It seems like a complete waste to gate them behind the ability to get them if you were playing this game ~7 years ago.

Also, the artifact weapon questlines along with the class hall questlines aged super well if you go back and do them now, 10/10 content and I wish I could also do the Mage Tower and get the appearances from doing it still.

Please Blizzard, we just want more class themed weapons and armor :pray:


Do it

Have a vendor right outside the mage tower be like

“Hey we found these old weapons, want some?” And just give them for free

Be great


Nah I’m totally willing to do the Mage Tower in exactly the same way people originally had to to get them.

I would even like it if they added more class themed weapons/armor sets to unlock from the Mage Tower. More class themed gear please!


But that’s the thing, you literally cannot do the mage tower the exact same way they did, that is gone forever

So, it’s been years just hand them out

Plus most of the gate keepers of mage tower appearances probably got there’s during the end of legion when it was basically free anyway cuz there was no scaling


Nah, they are done and gone. But would totally be down for new weapon mogs.


It doesn’t really matter to me what way you can obtain them, I just want the ability to be able to get them again. I’m cool with whatever.


Here’s a highly upvoted Reddit thread from ~10 days ago showing that most people disagree with this and want the Mage Tower appearances to come back:


This is not definitive proof of anything beyond a thread exists with likes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Imo, they should make a new “mage tower” entirely.

Just have some kind of lore appropriate newer version, with its own newer weapons and appearances. It was a very successful part of Legion, so why not bring back the same kind of mechanic, in a new way.

Bronze Dragonflight Chrono-tower or something like that, with specific iconic weapons from Warcraft history like Broxigar’s axe, Hammer of Twilight (Twilight’s Hammer), Umbra Crescent (Wardens’ Glaives), and updated versions of old favorites like Thunderfury, Shadowmourne, and Hand of Ragnaros.

Or, alternatively, different new versions of the mage tower weapons skins, even recolors or something, just different from what’s already been given out.

TLDR - New rewards entirely, namely weapon skins. New ones.


The old artifacts need to stay gone forever. Blizz should bring in new artifacts to

I wasnt playing enough to even step foot in the mage tower during Legion.
The old artifacts should not be brought back just because someone couldnt,
or decided not too, play back then.


Reddit is trash and does not in any way represent “most people”


This is the way


I was looking at my artifact skins for shadow yesterday. Wondered what that sickle-looking one was (I haven’t played any of my priests since Legion). Turns out it was the appearance from the mage tower.

That’s how underwhelming the shadow one was, I didn’t even remember what the appearance looked like. I totally forgot that I even did it as shadow, though I vividly remember banging my head of that challenge as frost mage and aff lock.

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Look at the disc priest one, that’s the one I want the most. There is even a tint to it that’s pink and there’s so few pink items let alone weapons in the game.


Sad thing is, I remember the disc priest challenge being BY FAR the easiest of all the challenges I did. Like, I barely knew what I was doing as disc, and it wasn’t even a healing challenge…

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At great expense and with painstaking effort, i unlocked every single appearance for every class and spec in Legion.

I want players to be able to unlock them again. I gain nothing by keeping them exclusive and time-locked. Open it up!


I got nothing to do with mage tower anymore since I unlocked all my mage warrior and paladin skins. Even got stuff for my barely played warlock.

Make new stuff so there is a reason to go back there again.





Time sensitive means time sensitive. No thanks.


Only if you get them from doing the challenges they came from before, not some crap like buying them from the trading post or

At first, I was in the “they’ll never bring them back” camp, but that went out the window when they brought back the Mage Tower itself, and the current pattern of adding things in one expansion and removing them the next (MoP and WoD legendary item questlines, Mage Tower appearances, final boss AoTC mounts, Veilstrider title, etc.) is becoming increasingly arbitrary and archaic. I already got most of the few appearances I wanted, but wouldn’t say no to getting another chance to get the one for Holy paladin.