Another plea to bring back Mage Tower artifact appearances

Please be not necroing MT posts. They are tedious enough when they are new. :grimacing:

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That Mage Tower was crazy difficult. Be careful what you wish for. It was like I was doing a Mythic 10 by myself.

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Like it was hard at the end of Legion with 2x legendary items + maxed artifact + Antorus gear?


Do it Blizzard!

Bring back the challenge mode gear from Mists and the weapons from WoD too! You already do mythic + on older dungeons. It’d be so easy to set a time to beat on X dungeon, collect them all to get the achievement. Get the achievement, get the appearances.
With minimum effort you simultaneously bring back players to old zones and IP collecting dust, make players happy, and don’t have to spend time/effort/resources designing a new thing to draw engagement. It’s a win/win and no brainer!


It makes them out to be liars for saying the appearances were limited. It takes away the prestige from those who got it when it was current.

Don’t act like there’s no downside.

There’s thousands of other looks you can use. Leave challenge mode looks alone.

Thank you :blush:


Because Blizzard have NEVER lied to us before… :crazy_face:

And they were limited. They can change their policy and make them not limited.

It does not.

No one is asking for it to be handed out like a freebie, unlike those TCG card mounts that you can now get for AFKing on a Twitch stream or filling the Trading Post bar.

Why not? There is no downside.

I got my Antoran Charhound while tanking Antorus during Legion. I felt special for getting it earlier than others.

I’m sure there are many players now with said mount who farmed it after Legion.

It doesn’t make mine any less special.


How many “limited time” items and mounts have been re-released?
Several through twitch and the traders tenders. And of those: none that added any form of draw for players outside of getting to acquire the item/mount itself.
Releasing old FOMO weapons/armor from old challenge modes and even PvP elite sets from older seasons, again, is a no-brainer: It gets rid of the cancerous FOMO model and actually draws players to the game to do challenging activities they don’t have to design from the ground up, just tune or tweak existing assets.
Also breathes new life to entire continents that most have zero reason to revisit. It is the “world” of Warcraft, not the current zone of Warcraft.
The PvP sets (and even old gladiator mounts) would be even less work and draw players to unpopulated activities.
Add a vicious saddle type of item for prestigeing glad again (after reaching glad on current season) that you can redeem for any glad mount from prior seasons.
Have Johnny Awesome be the vendor, because of course.
Sets could be similar thing or just let you buy them after reaching 1800. Or maybe give option to reset and do again for old gear sets.

It doesn’t make them look like liars.
If anything it makes them look wise.
Made bad decisions and learned from them. That’s just my hot take though.
You’re certainly entitled to yours.


Yes to this.

No to the rest. Make new class themed weapons and armor instead of going back on limited time challenges being actually limited.

The day they do that is the day the completely neuter that as a development strategy going forward, because everyone will know their word is worthless and everything will come back eventually.

None that were based on actual in-game challenge.

Just promotional stuff, that was re-used for more promotional stuff.


Nah make a new mage tower with new weapons


Yea I want the glaives. I don’t give a damn about the prestige behind them either. The glaives that are given from Mage Tower fit so well with so many of the demon hunter mogs available even including this very season. I’d accept a few recolors too.

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Either make Mage Tower things a recurring thing that gives equally unique weapons or give all the mage tower appearances from Legion to everyone. Quite frankly it’s annoying to realize that I am not able to get these old appearances AND I’m also not able to do a challenge that allows me to get limited time weapons for myself.

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They were advertised as fomo and will remain as such.

The most you could hope for is for different colors. Like the werebear.

But the OG colors, yeah fat chance.

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Haven’t heard about the AotC SoO mount “news”?

Isn’t it already? I’m still waiting for my dance studio. Oh and also like half of WOD to be added into the game.


According to a WoWhead poll, a large percentage of the community wants everything to come back, as I expected.


In all seriousness the best way for blizzard to go about things is to just given everything a recolor and that is the compromise between prestige and people who want cool stuff that happens to be prestigious. Scarab lord mount was already recolored, it’s completely fine at this point and should be the norm.

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Gasp The shadow one is amazing!

I mean, I draw a line between “this is content we’re going to do, oops it got cut” and “we absolutely will not make this specific design choice”.

That’s fine - that means the people who got the stuff back in the day get something new too.

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You have my vote. Fomo needs to die.


TCG (which is super dirty to the people that bought the cards back in the day), the tabards, tier 3, and now the AOTC wolf was just datamined.
It’s nonsense to have removed/ unattainable things ingame.
What is the reason for it?
There’s achievements, titles, and ratings/ranking for that.

That being said I’m all for new class specific gear and weapons. Legion is by far my favorite expansion because everyone felt different and powerful and built up class lore. Making classes available to more races at the expense of established lore was a bad decision in my opinion. Undead holy priests and Draenei warlocks I’m looking at you.

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