Another plea to bring back Mage Tower artifact appearances

Titles are legit the only thing I have 0 quarrel with being removed

Requires significantly less work to make a title than it does making a mount/armor set/weapon/etc

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And here’s one from Blizzard themselves

Your reddit post is denied


That was from last year, so I’m just going to keep asking like everyone else who keeps asking until they bring them back.

Even if an actual Blizzard poster replies to this thread and says “no” I’m still going to keep asking until they bring them back.


ill say yes if blizzard also put ALL TCG items on trading post.


Do it, also bring back the MoP challenge mode appearances.


Don’t worry OP you can get a chance in Legion classic


And we know blizzard is super famous for never changing their minds


they should keep adding new stuff to mage tower every patch. i don’t think we should bring back the old weapons and lessen their value BECAUSE the mage tower is an absolute joke and easy to complete with dragonflight talents

He still won’t get it lol

The only people who disagree are neck beards. Clearing the tower with Antorus gear wasn’t “A challenge” worth bragging over forever. All taking the Mage Tower appearances did was punish people who either didn’t play during Legion or didn’t have max level alts in certain classes at the time.
Any notion that exclusivity is the only thing keeping your pixels valuable is laughable. If their only value is exclusivity, then they have no real value to you to begin with and might as well be made available to others.


i’ll run the mage tower…when there’s useful gear involved…
high 300s…(375+)
i’ll take every one of my L70 alts through and gear them up…
but that would be too much fun…
mustn’t have fun…
fun is BAD!

So… 1.3k (yes I rounded up for funzies) represents a majority of WoW players now?
Even for giggles… let’s say that WoW only has 1 million players. 1.3k is a fraction of a percent. Do they still teach math in school?


I wish people would just learn to take no for an answer when a company says something instead of thinking like this. “If I kick and scream loud and often enough, I will get what I want” is such an immature mentality.


When they do this… we see this:

and I have only one response for this situation:

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You can’t, though. The gameplay environment has completely changed.

It’ll never happen but I wish it did.


Bring them back, make new ones, but also bring them back. More is better. More is BETTER. More variety, more mogs. They need to understand this. They are simply cosmetics now. Their exclusivity was wielding them when they were actually relevant to the artifact weapon. We no longer wield the artifact, and its been years since. They just sit in our transmog collections as cosmetics.

Or, at least make the “challenging look” achievement account-wide so we can use them on our newer alts of the same class that we had originally unlocked them with. My original character is long gone years ago. Re-rolled and replaced as it happens. Now I’m missing out on something I had previously unlocked.


I want them back soooo bad. :cry:
Or if they were at least (truly) account wide. I have them on my EU version of the game under the same account. But I changed for NA since I’m in NA. And I can’t have them despite working for them it’s such a shame ;-;

They could of brought it back as recolors that had a dragonflight theme. Just an idea.
It’d be more enticing to me than some mog rewards.

GASP! How dare you speak of Knifu-waifu like that!
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