<Anime Thighs> - Arthas [H] (10/10 M CN) LF Warlock/Boomkin

Hello! Anime Thighs is a raiding guild located on Arthas (H). We raid 8-11 PM EST Mon/Tues/Wed, and are currently looking to recruit 1-2 RDPS (Boomkin or Warlock preferred), and maybe 1 melee dps w/ viable tank OS for emergency/3 tank fights.

Our guild has been around under various names since SoO, when the core of the roster began playing, and have achieved Cutting Edge nearly every tier but 1-2 times since then (typically falling in the US 200-400 range). Our goals are to achieve a rank and progress at a speed that is equal to the amount of effort and time we are able to put in. Most of our raiders are around 25+ in age, so real life is a thing. As such, we are a much more casual Mythic guild, that simply expects our raiders to do what they can, when they can. That said, Cutting Edge is still the goal/expectation, so our raiders know how to balance that expectation with IRL obligations. We only ask players to maintain 1 main character, and be Cutting Edge capable and skilled on that class, though alts are always appreciated if you are also skilled on them as well.

If a chill, mature environment that pushes for CE and clears content is something you might be interested in, please reach out to me ASAP as I would love to speak with you. Bring a sense of humor as well, plenty of ribbing each other goes on (all in good fun, we don’t take ourselves too seriously). We are looking to give some people a shot/trial period ASAP and fill our open roster spots with good people and solid players moving into 9.1. We prefer those who don’t take themselves too seriously but has the drive to improve their play and be an asset to the guild.

Mythic+ players can also apply if you’d like, most everyone does multiple keys each week, so more bodies can’t hurt in that department if you would like steady access to (mostly) capable players like us.

Thanks for your time!

You can reach out to me at:
Btag - Phaytality#1789
Discord - Phay#6451 (Discord preferred method of contact)

We also have an application on our WoWProg page here: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/arthas/Anime+Thighs

Come kill internet dragons with us :slight_smile:

Bump, still looking for a skilled Resto Shaman to jump right into our Mythic roster.


Added. /10char

still looking for more :slight_smile:

Bump, still looking for a skill Resto shaman. Add me if interested!

bump bump :>

Destroyer down and at 3/10 M. Still looking for a strong rsham/disc for an immediate spot on our progression roster. Reach out to me if interested!

If you’ve never seen someone with an Artificer portal Night Fae blink into a trap, and ruin it’s placement. Have I got the guild for you (it was me, I did it)

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Still have immediate spots open for a strong Resto Shaman and Disc Priest for our roster. Reach out if you have questions or want to talk about trialing with us!

2/10M and 10/10H Disc priest. Just sent Phay a friend request.

Xymox down, 4/10 M now. Still looking for a strong Disc/Resto shaman we feel can step in immediately as part of the team, lmk!

5/10m, still looking for a strong Disc/Resto Shaman for our roster :slight_smile:

Update: 6/10 M now with Darkvein down. Looking for a strong tank to add to our roster, but all skilled players can reach out. Lmk!

recruiting a DH or Warrior tank, a strong dps DK and/or Boomkin/DH dps to round out our raid roster!

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2/10M Veng dh with insane logs here
sent phay a friend request

Bump, looking for a solid Havoc DH dps and boomkin! Lmk

6/10M havoc. Sent request on disc and bnet.
Won’t let me link logs but they are available on request.

Bump, now recruiting a strong DK dps or WW monk and a ranged dps (Boomkin/Elemental shaman pref, and if you have a healer OS even better). If you are looking to a solid group of people to raid with and consider yourself a CE capable player, reach out to me! Looking for those who can step in immediately as needed for Stone Legion Generals prog.