<Anime Thighs> - Arthas [H] (10/10 M CN) LF Warlock/Boomkin

Bump, 10/10 M Sire down! LF tank, 2 rdps and dh dps asap. reach out if interested!

Bump. LF Tank, rDPS, and a DH. What are you waiting for, message the man already :point_up_2:

Bump. Still looking and wanting to trial some people ASAP next Tuesday, lmk!

bump don’t miss out on the fun you could be having : )

Bump, still actively recruiting all roles mentioned, hit me up

Bump, looking for any strong players for our roster to make our run for 9.1, a warlock in particular to save our current one from solo warlock duties! :smiley:

Bump. Still looking for a strong tank as well as one solid RDPS (boomkin pref, but all specs considered). Possibly a melee dps w/ viable tank OS as well. Let me know!

Bump - High prio recruitment for lock, boomkin would be good too.

Bump post, still searching for a warlock and 1 other RDPS to round out our roster. Check us out and let me know!

Bump - RDPS where you at