10/10M CE raider looking for new guild

Hi there i am currently looking for a new guild, that will be doing some mythic prog with the goal of CE on a more casual level.

i have achieved CE’s in
EN (i know EN LUL)
Castle Nathria

though all of those were as a warlock (i still have the warlock its 224ilvl) i am looking to reroll to my priest but willing to play the lock if need be for this current tier progression

i am looking for either a 2 day guild or a 3 day (tues-thurs) open to monday nights as well
i am west coast so 8pm est/5pm pst would be the best start times could do a little later as well.
I am open to other classes in the next tier other then Priest (i am even open to other roles. i currently have a capped DH Mage Monk Priest and can cap a druid soon as well) i would prefer to not be a warlock im just tired of the class and the way blizzard is moving it but if last resort i can always break it out of retirement.

Feel free to msg me here with your Bnet or add me on Bnet # jrockgames#1891

hmu if interested bud on bnet or discord

Tobyjrqt#9830 discord

Hello. Linking out guild spam as we may fit what you’re looking for, CE guild with a more relaxed approach towards progression raiding. We could make a SPriest work as we are looking for a ranged dps, but DH dps would also be strongly considered. Take a look and reach out if interested: <Anime Thighs> - Arthas [H] (10/10 M CN) LF Warlock/Boomkin

< TILTED > is a returning guild of mythic players with various Cutting Edges throughout their experience. We are currently seeking a few more players to round out a mythic roster for the rest of the tier and moving forward! Our goal is to accomplish CE every tier within a timely manner, but we are not willing to sacrifice our raid environment in order to accomplish these goals. Targeted harassment will never be tolerated!

Tues: 6:30-9:30pm PST (9:30-12:30am EST)
Weds: 6:30-9:30pm PST (9:30-12:30am EST)
Thurs: 6:30-9:30pm PST (9:30-12:30am EST)

Current Roster Needs:

Tanks: Closed

DPS: Everything!

Heals: Disc Priest

We are always open to any and all strong candidates so please don’t shy away from applying if you feel we would be a good fit.

Every raider is expected to carry themselves positively. This means don’t attack your fellow raider
Come prepared! While the guild will provide various consumables, you should still show up ready with what you need.
Know the fight: take advantage of external sources such as YouTube videos/guides for each fight before we pull. We will also keep our Discord up to date with the latest guides/information.
Know your class: just like above, take advantage of external sources to know how to play your class to its maximum potential.

Where to Apply:

https ://forms.gle/xMStKUWaEj1byZDv7

How to get in touch:
Dax#12441 (Bnet)
BlackMamba#1909 (Bnet)
Chugs#11757 (Bnet)/ChugsBleach#8587 (Discord)

Hey Wraelapriest! We are looking to shore up our numbers for the end of the tier and 9.1 and would love some ranged as it seems would be a good fit with us. Here is our spam if interested and good luck! :slight_smile:

Fallen Empire Mal'Ganis is recruiting for CE progression!

Progression: 8/10 M - Currently progging P3 SLG.
Raid Times: Wed/Thurs 9PM-12AM EST, optional Saturday Heroic 9EST
Needs: DPS (melee and ranged), Holy Paladin, all excellent players always encouraged to apply

We are a 2-day 6-hour CE guild with a chill but focused atmosphere, and no toxic players allowed! We’re a resilient group of fun-loving raiders who just want to taste that sweet, sweet CE once again. Our illustrious leader employs the 21st man strategy when the roster allows for it. So come on and enable him, you won’t regret it! Feel free to check out past vods to get a sense of the group!

Looking forward to meeting you and hopefully playing with you soon. :smiley:

WowProgress: https ://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/mal-ganis/Fallen+Empire
Application: https ://apply.wowaudit.com/us/malganis/fallen-empire/mythic-raid?preview
Twitch: https ://www.twitch.tv/daberry573

Contact GM Wek at:
Dr. Wek#1632 - discord
Slayna#1159 - bnet

Contact Healing Officer Livie at:
livie#4169 - discord
livie#11751 - bnet

Hey, Retirement Sanctuary is a bunch of old raiders clinging to the progression dream. Our goal is to clear all the content (Cutting Edge), on a more relaxed schedule than the good ole days.

Realm: Illidan Horde
Raiding Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7:30-10:30 PST
Recruiting: All roles (even tanks) will be considered!
Progression: 8/10 Mythic, just starting on SLG

We are also recruiting what we call ‘flex’ raiders, who may not be available every raid night. Since we’re old retired people, we know that sometimes your walker breaks down and you can’t make it to raid. Flex raiders are lower priority to get in on progression kills, but can pretty freely come in on farm bosses.

In short, our mission is to clear mythic raids without sacrificing fun. Please reach out via discord!

Admins: (otou#7657), (Shuttlecasts#8052), (Zinnin#1337), (Aidmaro

heyy. grats on CE this tier. my guild is currently 8/10M working on SLG. we started out pretty casual and are looking to be a little more hardcore in 9.1 with a goal to be around top 500US which i believe to still be pretty casual without being bad lol id definitely love to pick up a shadow priest for 9.1 and i would love a solid lock if you’d be willing to help us out getting CE. we have an awesome raid environment thats a lot of fun. ill leave our guild spam and hope to hear from you.

About US:
Meme Regime was formed in late 2013 as a 10 man guild full of friends. The bulk of us have been raiding together since BC/Wrath. We like to think of ourselves as good people looking to have fun. After taking a break through most of BFA and casually raiding for AOTC + Mythic kills we are back with the drive to PUSH for CE and potentially decent US ranks at some point.

Why join us?
Our raid leader is very good. He makes very clear and direct calls. I know a lot of guilds lack real mid fight leadership but we do not! We meme a lot at times. We have great bants. We like to have fun, and believe raiding should be something that is fun to do, not all work. We do have a serious face though. We have a very healthy Mythic+ farm/push community and strongly encourage all raiders/trials to maintain an active role in it. We also spend a lot of off nights playing other games together as well as heroic farm.

We are currently 8/10M.

What we are looking for:
Most importantly we are looking for people that WANT to play. Right now with mid tier burn out it’s very important that everyone in the raid wants to be here to keep the bants fun and the progression smooth. We expect the usual things like being early so we can pull on time, know your class, and always want to be improving yourself and your performance.

We do not recruit for a bench. 95% attendance is expected. We understand things come up but we are looking for people that WANT to play.

Current raid needs:
Veng DH
Shadow priest
ele shaman
resto shaman
Any real pumpers

Raid times:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. 9pm - midnight EST

[GM + Raid leader] Bnet: Contestio#1914 Discord: Contestio#3706
[Recruiter] Warmachine#1364 (Allen)

Thank you for reading our long post and we look forward to hearing from you!