An Eye on Player Behavior and Reporting Improvements

You have no way of knowing why that person was logged into their alt. The fact that you would try to dox them is against forum rules and having a CC member support it is too. That is why I called it creepy. Stalker level creepy.

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Maximum efforts to feed the industry of victimism!God Bless Democrats!!


Considering they don’t directly indicate which Devs are responsible for which particular area I just group them all together.

Remember when they used to do Q&A vids where you could ask PvE or PvP related questions. Me neither, its been a long time since I saw one…

IK that, but there is a CoC rule about bypassing your bans and/or suspensions by logging into a different account, which that alt could’ve been on, so that’s against the rules.

And, I didn’t know it was an alt until somebody told me which makes it more creepy. And, they shouldn’t be doing that either. Me blocking them doesn’t stop their behavior, and they can do it to somebody else who doesn’t deserve it.

I don’t but funny how you think so.

There it is! Gotta have the name calling, when you have no argument.

Nothing more needs to be said. Blocking you, too. You’re not being productive.

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I had to copy/paste the 2004 document into a text document so I could search for both the words “masked” and “language”. Neither search rendered results.

I used the example of an instance where my brother was punished in error for 2 reasons. First, because Blizzard didn’t have an explicit rule against foul language. As long as you were not bypassing the filter, you were in the right. Second, because Blizzard used to have better and more competent staff. I don’t remember when, I would guess sometime between Cataclysm and Mists, was the aforementioned punishment. Blizzard knew for a fact that implementing punishment for other people not utilizing their own personal responsibility and tools was, and still is wrong. The difference now is, they don’t understand this. They think they have to take the place of the parent in a parent/child relationship because so many people today cannot mature enough, even though their age states differently, to use the tools available to them and stop being a victim for 10 seconds.

In this aspect, maybe. I would have to ask him as I don’t think I was ever told the details. I mean, I know what he said, and how many times he said it…and how often he repeated it. Not to worry though, it wasn’t racial epithet or some phobic banter, just regular old swearing.

I remember a time before people did not have the mental fortitude to take action to keep themselves from harm, and instead made use of the tools they had in front of them. In a way I feel bad for Blizzard when they have to work harder to solve a problem they already solved decades ago.

I do feel we may disagree on whether or not this is something Blizzard should be spending time and energy to fix. The fact that all most people can muster when they speak about wrongs being done against them is to simply call it “toxic” and stop there. That would be like me asking my child what is wrong and them replying with a grunt. I would have to tell them to remember to use their words because they aren’t expelling excrement into a piece of fabric anymore. But, that’s what we are left with. A group of individuals who have such a limited scope of what is actually being said that all they can come up with is a single word to describe it, and force a company to make it easier for them to wrongfully punish more people for the dopamine hit they get playing the victim.


Good then you are doing us both a favor if you also support doxing.

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Well, yeah. They have been, as usual, terrible about communications until lately. They SEEM to be trying and I will encourage that.

The CC forum does have a few Dev sorts who have introduce themselves, their roles, and have been replying to threads that related to what dev activity they do. It is a bit of a Q&A of the sort you might be interested in.

Lol, what kind of drivel is this?

I don’t, but I don’t support alt hopping to bypass someone’s ignore feature, either. You assume so much and know so little.

My last reply 'cause I got notified before I blocked you.

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Sure you did. :clown_face: The lot of you are hypocrites, you cry harassment, but you all are doing the same exact thing but worse by trying to dox people that don’t agree with you on the forums. Creeps.


Honestly this all seems like wasted resources better utilized elsewhere. If someone is spamming or annoying in general, use the in game tools already in existence to IGNORE them.

Much better alternative than - report and wait for results that will achieve roughly the same outcome.


issue comes in that on the forums, there isn’t an ignore for the entire bnet. So if someone wants to hop on an alt just to keep harrassing someone they can do that. It’s against the forum rules, but a person can do that.

To add not saying they should cause it’s against the rules but the system can allow them to do that.

The in-game ignore has a cap. I do use an add-on, to help alleviate some of the spam, but it’s only a temporary solution.

You will find it as such - the filter changes things to alt chars but the intent is still there. The purpose of both the rules and the filter has not changed.

nor may you use a misspelling or an alternative spelling to circumvent the content and language restrictions listed above;

The original rules were given…they have always actioned for it if reported. Few people reported. And NO, they did not ever ever let it slide due to the filter. They did if it was Guild chat though and someone was there of their own free will. I see you later addressed that. I seriously think that has to be what your brother was thinking of. Nothing else makes sense in context. Yes, I have been playing since 2004 and have the 10 year statue even. heh. Yikes.

They did take action. They subed to a game that has a rule set. One they are comfy with that does not allow certain chat actions.

I also remember a time when people understood, that if they agree to a set of rules, and then break those rules, they deal with the consequences.

You can say what you want around friends who won’t report you. Private chats, groups, etc. For now Blizz only acts on reports.

Just watch it in public chats. When you agree to a set of rules, don’t be shocked when we have to follow them.

Doxing means your real life information has been posted, esp in an attempt to harass you. Real name, address, phone, etc.

Your battletag, characters, etc are all non personal and not doxing. They are public info. Just like every single post we make is public info and everything we do on Blizz platforms is recorded and not subject to privacy.

And that’s something they really SHOULD fix


“Someone calling out my nonsense is drivel.”


You guys want to destroy this game. You can just block and ignore people and move on, but you really are the hall monitors of the WoW community who want to have some kind of power and authority over others because they simply want to enjoy the game with some friendly banter without always being worried their accounts will be banned for using a curse word. Bunch of shills on a power and ego trip.


It is, because I have 0 clue why you think anything I said implies that I support everything being automated.

and make it for the entire bnet. You know how annoying it is when I’m on more than one fuzzy (I have a trifecta of fuzzies) and people spam whisper my alts after I block them on the first one?

Like, if I have 3 accounts open and I block them on one, BLOCK IT ON ALL OF MY ACCOUNTS PLEASE.


Post number ̶6̶6̶6̶!

This now is officially an “epic” thread