An Eye on Player Behavior and Reporting Improvements

Oooh now that’s a good question. Probably not.

For the sake of clarity Blizz needs to add this to the bottom of the social contract :rofl:


Oh please no one is harassing you.


thank you my nose just shout out water

Realities speech during that awards show was on point.


That person told me it was somebody I had blocked prior, and they switched alts to harass me and bypass my block feature. Even if it wasn’t harassment, they still found a way to bypass my block feature. Can we at least agree on that?

Yes, they are.

Personally, I don’t think there is a need, but I’ve intimated that well enough.

No, but it seems a good example of the abjectly terrible notion of having vague rules, easily accessible tools to report supposed breakers thereof, and automated systems intended to dole out punishment based thereupon I think.

Have a good day, I suppose.

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Right, I don’t have total insight into it, but they try hard to warn people, give them light punishment first, etc. Then eventually they get the hammer. Without long term context GMs don’t see the stuff that does not get reported so it takes time to add up.

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IDK, somebody I talked to about them keeping their names even with the name changes, says nothing has really ever happened to them.

I think the naming policy could have a better system. Like blocking the initial name they were reported fir frim being re-entered, again, by the same person.

Yeah and oh man that was uh… stuff he was saying it didn’t need to build up for 2 months LOL

You are literally typing in the same thread that you blocked the person from. You are acting like everyone only stays logged into one character when on these forums. You are typing from a lvl 35. No way this is your main.

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So you’re telling me if the reports aren’t acted on, the change means nothing?

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I’m talking to different people, there are other voices in this thread, are there not?

I switch my characters sometines but never to bypass someone’s ignore feature. I block the same people, on my other characters, too.


It’s my forum main :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That means they have not been reported again yet. I don’t think Blizz monitors to make sure someone complies. They just trust that the person will take the warning and free name change and do the right thing. If they don’t and get reported again, that is when the penalties start.

You would think so…I agree. I know it gets put on a list and if reported again it does some sort of fast alert/penalty but I don’t think the system currently prevents renaming at the time … I wonder why.

Every time I see people complaining about having to follow the rules they agreed to, it makes me think they want a safe space to talk however they like without consequences. The outcry about having to be a decent human within normal social rules is… very loud and form the people mostly likely to call others “sensitive” or “snowflakes”.

Maybe people should not agree to rules they don’t want to follow?

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Posting on another character on these forums isn’t against the rules that is why Blizzard allows us to do that. If your blocking got bypassed because of Blizzard’s horrible system that allows an alt to do that then you should just block the other character and move on. I can tell that you always need to find a way to be the center of attention in a conversation though. Total drama queen.

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Given that they are grandstanding this system, its safe expect the skeleton crew in charge of balancing the PvE and PvP to be reduced even further.

Balance and blizzard don’t belong in the same sentence.

They cant even balance the current classes and now they add a 13th class…

Switching chars to bypass ignore is an issue, it’s even under Ongoing Harassment policies the problem is Blizzard doesn’t seem to enforce it in regards to the forums because of how things are set up.

The problem is that there is no general definition of “normal social rules”. Each person has a varied opinion on what “normal” is.

Why in the world do you think that the folks in charge of game balance have anything to do with game UI or CS? Why would a UI change have anything to do with class designers?

They have different teams you know. It is not a tiny group of 3 people.

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