An Eye on Player Behavior and Reporting Improvements

So…. fellow players … we’re all friends here, right? Right? We make have our disagreements and eccentricities, but at the end of the day we’re all cool as far this new “social contract” goes?

figits nervously with twinges of paranoia that I’m going to end up being used for reactor shielding


Boosting isn’t toxic.


this is a much needed improvement. especially when reporting bots in say silithus.


it wll not be
the lvl 1s are the people whom sell the stuff its more like a trial accounts

it’s a bank alt for all my fianancing lol

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This is where point of view comes into play.

TO me, boosting IS toxic


you will be safe i think i have a 20 alt for banking

That’s totally fine then, lots of folks have bank alts.
It’s those level 1 totally real guild, gold only advertisers that are actionable.

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You’re misusing the word. Toxic is being awful to others, boosting in rated PvP is cheating as far as I’m concerned.


Ok, but why?

I get the argument of “people buy tokens to buy boosts and it’s pay to win”, but that’s not always the case at all.

There are those, like myself, who make millions in the AH and use this gold to buy boosts. We don’t use tokens. We use in-game gold. Yet we’re lumped into the same “boost buyers bad cuz tokens”.

If your argument is different than “token bad”, I’m all ears to hear your side.


Looks like only Azeroth is mentioned in the post. All abuse might still be ok in Draenor, Outlands and Shadowlands:-)


I agree. The sociopolitical spam threads are completely out of control. Please moderate properly.


Of course. The rules have not changed at all. The reporting system has changed over time - from tickets back in 2004, to right click report, and now an improved right click report with more options.

There are two parts in the “Social Contract”. One part that is "behavior that will help make your experiences more positive " That is the stuff about how to be nice and help people. But you don’t have to do it if you don’t want. Then there is the part about “provides an outline of behaviors that are not acceptable within the game”. That is the second half with the rules about language and spamming. Nothing different than what we have already.


So I read the article, what exactly is changing? I’m all for better reporting improvements having utilized the feature quite a lot… But can you give us some examples of the improvements? Also are any of these improves going to extend to the ability to use the forums or vise versa?

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You said a swear! NOW, GET BANNED!!!

JK, this is a good thing.

I’m inclined to agree, but only as far as PvP goes. I don’t care if someone spends gold (or even spends real money on a WoW token to turn into gold) to get carried in raids or whatever. It just seems scummy to do in PvP.

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I dont care about tokens.
I dont care about pay to win.
I dont care about PvP in any fashion.

I hate the spam.
I hate how it stops leveling groups (especially in Classic)
I think you should actually play the game if you want to play the game.


Then punish the boost spammers. Any topic can be spammed in the game. If someone spams their 10k gold transmog for sale every minute, that doesn’t mean selling transmogs is bad. It just means someone doesn’t know how to follow the rules and needs punished accordingly.

I’m not familiar with Classic since I haven’t touched it, so I won’t refute this.

Playing the Auction House is playing the game. Again, lumping those of us who use gold earned through in-game activities into the same category as those who don’t isn’t entirely fair.

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hahahahahah yeah righhtttt


if it’s linked to your account that you have other characters on there is nothing to worry about. The lvl 1 fresh toons that I am seeing advertising for rmt are baby murloc characters ie; fresh accounts never played the game before so they get that symbol next to them for everything they post and its above their head. All these accounts do is spam trade with rmt boosting for guilds with a link to some website that I can tell you ain’t selling their services for gold