Offensive names yet nothing done about it

Maybe im just weird but im not seeing how a name like wifeabuser is funny, or nor offensive.

Just old, not weird no worries

First abuse is not limited to beating. This may be the first thing you think of but as a certain trial recently highlighted there is also verbal abuse, emotional abuse, dependency etc. I only bring this up because people tend to go straight to the worst possibility to try to bolster their argument.

Second you read into it a great deal of intent that might not be there. How do you know if they are not using it ironically, did it to raise awareness, are using it as part of their own attempt to heal from abuse (create the name and see how many angry whispers you get to challenge your assumptions that it is commonly accepted) or any other benign reasons. I was forced to change a character name from wench (historically meaning child or servant,) because I love the song Nancy the Tavern Wench and the idea of the salty title making salty wench is hilarious. I know this will probably get a lot of angry responses from people so let me reiterate that this does not mean that it is a benign use only that it could be and instead of just making assumptions we should ask.

Third, why is it anyone’s business but the person who names the character. If you don’t like it put the person on ignore and leave them be. What is funny (in a very dark way) is that you are attempting to control other people the very hallmark of abuse.

Finally in this specific case you’re never going to heal if you go about the world looking for reasons to be triggered and upset. See it as a challenge to your therapy to overcome something as small as this so that your better prepared for things that will cause actual triggers (used in the clinical sense and not the colloquial usage.) I know that is going to upset people but as an abuse victim myself my biggest regret is not attempting to heal for almost 2 decades. Those are lost years that I will never get back and I learned some very bad habits in that time that took a good deal of effort to unlearn. Challenge yourself to overcome things you find offensive instead of expanding your safe space.

I know this whole post will probably upset the vast majority of people here so I probably am not going to get drawn into a great deal of debate about any issue. Feel free to respond of course just understand I won’t respond further unless you are aware of the concept that these are nuanced issues and only if you are willing to give the benefit of doubt as to intent. Honestly I figure the original poster is probably a troll using the issues of the Depp Heard trial as bait or if they did run across a person with that name that person was trolling.

Before I finally hit the post button I guess I’ll leave a final bit to the trolls that will report this post (experience has taught me its going to happen.) Note that there is absolutely nothing in my post that is in support of abuse of any kind.


considering that in schools theres no such thing as discipline anymore this doesnt shock me. In the past if you joked about that sort of thing you’d get dragged through the mud either literally or figuratively. The worlds gone soft trying to “protect” the feelings of kids who dont give a stuff about anyone but themselves.

Bring back justice and discipline and watch as all these “haha genitals and abuse” kids vanish into oblivion


I tell my kids it’s a videogame and not to pay too much attention to names.

If your getting hurt by a name, there is a mechanism in place to voice your concern. If it’s not getting changed, then so be it and learn to live within the decision or leave.

With so many diverse backgrounds out there, it’s quite possible that the OP could be reported for her name as it can be interpreted as encouraging incest.

Good news everyone!
they’re fixing the broken sludge pipes!


Trying to obfuscate what people say is all I see you doing here and making light of things that are actually offensive to people.

Either way the problem isn’t the rules as they cover all sorts of stuff including a name like OP said, the problem is Blizzard does nothing with a large part of their reports if ‘not enough’ people reported something. Then of course that’s if the GM isn’t just spamming copy-paste at tickets and closing them out, which is made a lot easier just to throw out with right click reports I imagine.

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Its very amusing to me how you say the world is soft and caters to kids feelings when this entire post and everything you said is about wanting to have other people cater to your feelings. Imagine not being able to handle words lmao

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I think it’s sad a name gets you so worked up you have to report it


Statistically at least half of them made that mistake if they are all Americans.:grimacing:

Pretty sure they’re just called “singlets” on the packaging, or “vests” if you’re English. So, you could just call them that.

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I can 100% tell you that you are wrong.

Unlike your parents that obviously didn’t pay attention to anything you were doing growing up, my spouse and I were involved in our kids lives and we know how they act around us and when they are away.

No, we are not helicopter parents either. We actually talk to our kids. They tell us what they do and how they act because they don’t have a problem telling us. Also, two of them still live at home so it’s pretty easy to know what’s going on with them. The third one lives only a few blocks away and we keep in touch regularly.

I suspect your parents never paid attention to anything you did, so you just think all parents don’t pay attention, but you are very, very wrong. You also probably think all kids hide stuff from their parents, but again you are very, very wrong.

Incorrect. It’s about having some common decency around other people. It’s not about feelings at all. If you think that’s all it is, you have a LOT to learn about the world.

Comes back in a few years when you grow up. I suspect you won’t have changed much.


or do you just want to feel power over others?

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The name Loviekinz offends me.

OMG, you are what is wrong with the player base. A name like wifeabuser should never be acceptable. That’s very wrong! I am very disgusted with you!


It’s not funny but appalled is a bit of an overall exaggeration for a video game name. Report, move on.

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You cant name names in here. Reported.

How in the hell does that make any sense in terms of the wifeabuser name? Or rap and hip-hop.


While I tend to just let such names roll off my back, I do have to wonder how some of them get away with keeping them.

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Some people no matter what their age, are just very Uncouth individuals~