[AMD] Missing character textures after 9.0

There is blue buttons to the side for your viewing pleasure. They will take you to the blue posts that say it’s a bug, its being worked on.

Glad its being worked on. Wanted to give retail another try after not playing for 3 expansions and only resubbing for Classic.


Glad they are working on a fix for this. I know my Hardware is getting old, but I was still enjoying the game at settings and framerates acceptable to me. I’m planning on building or buying a new PC, but can’t afford to until maybe I get a decent Tax return this spring. Thinking of like a Ryzen 3800x with at least a GeForce 2060 super. SSD’s are the real deal too guys, and the price isn’t bad on them now. How do you think WoW will run on that build just mentioned? My current specs are AMD Phenom II x6 1055T with a GTX MSI 970 Gaming.

That sounds awesome. The new 5000 series ryzen will give you better gaming performance than the 3000 series, but off the top of my head I don’t know if they have a comparably priced cpu in that series. The 3800x will still be a beastly cpu for a long time to come.

I would suggest for sure though waiting a bit for the lower end 30 series nvidia cards. The 20 series is the worst performance per dollar nvidia has had in a long time. A good example of what I mean is most 2060 supers I’m seeing are $700 or so. A 3080 is a substantial step up from that and has an MSRP of $699, albeit hard to get atm because people have bought them all up. Even the 3070 would be better than the 2060 super, and only has an MSRP of $499.

That’s actually a completely different issue…That’s about gpu shaders, not cpu’s.

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This post.

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ouch! my bad :sleepy:

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No biggy! Still great news though, at least I think so. More people playing is a good thing.

so my issue with this it says GPU… and we’d typically think this would be a graphics card issue… the problem in the thread appears to be cpu related yes?

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That post is STILL about GPUs, Not the CPU issue we have all been talking about throughout this entire thread. Those posts do not address our issues. But I am not giving up hope yet since we did have a blue say they are working on it. Just hoping there will be something before the second part of the prelaunch is released.

Yes sir. CPU

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Did you guys updated your windows to version 2004? some wow features are now requiring it… i am updating it atm, so i will reply here asap once i can test if something change

I can play DooM on my phenom without any problems and blizz is saying that a 16yo game requires more CPU/GPU than DooM 2016… its laughable

Yes, I’m aware. I was posting the link to nyancat so they would know what the other issue was. I’ve been here since the start, know full well this is a cpu issue and not gpu.

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Nah, Blizz didn’t say that. Actually no one said that. Just an instruction set that is missing, that Blizz goofed on and forgot to include alternate code for. It’s being fixed.
Updating windows is unlikely to help, we just gotta wait for the fix.

I have a AMD athlon II x4, also having the black character problem, never had a problem before this and other far better looking games run perfectly fine.

Just now the PTR got the fix and it works, can expect it on live tommorow possibly. THANKS BLIZZ


Thats great news!!

Thank you gnome lady, looks like it’ll be fixed sooner than expected. My shadow priest will miss the darkness though.

Super hyped, now I can waste time in cosmetics like everyone else ;_;7 thanks programmer ily

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happened to see a tiny update to the ptr on the launcher and there it was xD