Alternative Solution to Layering

Can I live on your planet? It sounds a lot less crazy than Earth.

well…Runes of Magic has something like this. They have a realm name with channels, depending on the realm population, you would have more channels. I dunno if blizzard should do this. I think layering is better because how would you beable to join that person on C when you are on A? Would it workd like layering? or will I need to relog and join that channel, or completely reroll on that channel?

it is earth actually

Must be an alternate dimension where people don’t rage the moment they’re told to wait more than 5 minutes then.

Cause that sure as hell isn’t this dimension’s reaction.

wow players (at least the one’s that use these forums), seem to rage at almost everything these days, if blizzard followed everything they said, the game probably wouldn’t be in a very good state

Not just WoW players. Most games and a lot of the rest of life.

That’s why a 2004 solution will not work in 2019.

well if they want to rage, i think that’s something that’s more their own issue, but blizzard doesn’t need to cater to them

Blizzard needs to cater to the PR and Media response as well as players, because they are a business.

Pretending otherwise is why indie companies fail.

well, in that case this seems to be to me a case of choosing media response over the quality of the game, so they can look better as a professional company by not having login issues rather showing the best version of their product, to me it matters more to give the best product than to look professional but i guess that is blizzard’s choice

Since Blizzard appears to disagree over the issue of quality, given how excited the Devs are (and they aren’t PR lackeys) over the ability to provide a smooth stable launch environment despite the player demographics, I’d be more thinking about how they are a professional company, and not a player.

They have multiple conflicting responsibilities and requirements, and Layering is an elegant solution to protect the long term viability of their released product. It is a short term modification for a long term goal that every player should agree with. Because in a year from now, I want to still be able to have more than 2 raid groups on a given server.

Beta ends July 12th. Blizzards comments are pretty much that they have what they need from it and will be internally testing high level zones and raids. This pretty much confirms that they will be keeping Layering in as they no longer can test it without players playing.

well, if they care for the community or world-authenticity aspects of vanilla wow (which i’m sure they would if they know why people want vanilla wow), i can’t imagine them liking or being excited for that aspect of it, even if they do appear to like a stabler launch aspect of it, because i feel it without a doubt takes away from that core design philosophy that they implemented in 2004, inherent to the artistic qualities of the game

i don’t feel it is an elegant solution, nor it’s effects entirely short term, phasing technologies are harmful towards player immersion/attitude, these are internal amongst a player and can have longer term effects, these effects are hard to earn back from a player and can be seen as a “sacred” aspect of vanilla wow, it’s why vanilla, though having less content and less effective programming than retail, is often seen as special amongst people, layering (amongst many of the other changes to wow in the same vein), would act as a detraction from that aspect that made vanilla “special” to a lot of people, and that’s the aspect people were wanting when they were asking for vanilla wow back in the first place

que times on the other hand, are a shorter term issue, people may get upset for a little while that they can’t log in, but as more tourists begin to leave, it will taper down, it’s a shorter term issue of having to wait to log in that does not damage any essential aspect of the player experience as layering would, people may get angry and complain at blizzard, but i think they would be doing the right thing in not catering to them

Conflicting responsibilities - A situation where multiple requirements need to be met, while none can be met completely without detriment to others.

There is no phasing in Classic, that’s a storytelling tool. And if they fix the layering changes so that they only happen in Rested Zones, then you will never see a player disappear in a place that a player wouldn’t already be instantly disappearing (log-on, log-off).

And during that period you will have earned Blizzard a reputation as a “continuing to fail company”. I don’t think you get the concept that this launch has to be smooth for Blizzard to regain some of its reputation as well.

We’re back to conflicting responsibilities. You as a player, do not have to answer to shareholders. Blizzard does.

This isn’t a server merge it would be a static layer collapse.

If you are going to be contrary at least read what he proposed…

He is literally proposing a change to how layering works. You are just being argumentative because it is not the change you want.

However, I do also like the idea of rested zone only layer shifts. Now your being more open minded. Good work.

Uh, the person I responded to… is saying we need to remove layering. He wants zero layering and long queues…

No you didn’t read it. He wants extremely rigid layers that have to be manually collapsed.

That’s the OP. Not the person I responded to.

Please butt out.

i think between artistic/inherent qualities of the game or having longer que times, the artistic qualities matter more than the que times

even if layer changes only happen in a rested zone, the world/players that were around you are still being shifted into a different phase, and the people who would be disappearing around you aren’t logging off but are still supposed to be physically present in the game, the underlying problem still remains

as a player, i don’t have full knowledge on all of the business or company aspects of blizzard, but i can comment on the artistic and design aspects of their game, and i can say without a doubt layering takes away from those aspects, a good game company should be putting their players and game quality first, and let the shareholders or public image come after, i think blizzard can manage some negative attention for launch of an mmo which for a game of such a genre almost always will have some launch day issues

Yeah… I’m not going to teach you how money works.