Alterac Valley Event xp not scaling right

(Dìònysus) #1

I went in with a full set of heirlooms and both pvp heirloom trinkets which is %155 with all buffs counted and got 6104 exp at the end of the bg.

(Ekon) #2

What other buffs except for the anniversary 15%? Heirlooms count for an additional 50% altogether (five pieces that each give 10%), so before anything additional you’re only getting 65%.

(Dìònysus) #3

head = 10
should = 10
chest = 10
legs = 10

cape & rings are only quests and killing mobs

(Ekon) #4

And the other 90%?

Though that’s mostly because I’m morbidly curious how you’re able to double experience gains. If you believe something to be bugged, you’ll want to post in the Bug Report forum.

(Dìònysus) #5

Not this toon my lv 21 has both pvp trinkets equip that increase experience gained from battle grounds by 50% each

(Melaesia) #6

What is the base XP you are getting?


You said you receive 6104 experience with the Heirlooms, trinkets and the anniversary buff, but do you have any numbers on how much you get without the trinkets? If there is a bug, it would help to be able to compare the numbers you are seeing to ensure that you aren’t getting what you should.

(Dìònysus) #8

i received that at the end of the bg, which should be way more, i was getting about 305 exp every few minutes

(Melaesia) #9

With 155%, that means you’d get a little less than 2400 base XP at the end. That doesn’t seem out of line for a level 20.

(Dìònysus) #10

considering how much you get at high lvs it’s way out of line, i was dinging 3 to 4 times in a single bg if we won.

(Melaesia) #11

They are not comparable. The XP you get, both at intervals and at the end, is proportional to your level.

I haven’t seen the 3-4 levels per BG when winning, even at higher levels. Perhaps if you are in a turtle for a few hours, the perpetual gains will eventually get you there. But I would say if you are getting 3-4 levels per BG, that would be the bug.

But then again, I wouldn’t call it a “bug”. Maybe a miscalculation. Either way, you’ll want to post in the PvP forum if you think something should be changed.

(Dìònysus) #12

getting 10 xp at lv 21 no heirlooms and that happens every few minutes, 44230 is the mount of xp per level.

Just finished a bg with no heirlooms and got less than 3000 xp which is less than a 14th of a level.

(Melaesia) #13

So, your issue isn’t with the heirlooms scaling. It’s with how much XP you are getting relative to your level.

Personally, I don’t see anything out of the ordinary here. Leveling multiple times in a BG is simply not how it’s supposed to be. Again, extenuating circumstances of a single, massively-long is an outlier.

But if you want the developers to see your thoughts, you’ll need to post int he PvP Forum.

(Dìònysus) #14

the issue is that the event even to wowhead is giving way more xp above 60 that was not specified in the event. i am getting way less than even a regular alterac vally

(Thundertotem) #15

Again, not much can be done about here. The devs and QA don’t really frequent the CS forums for reports. Post on the PvP forums or Bug reports so it can be seen.

(Melaesia) #16

You mean this article?

It clearly says alts over level 60.

And if I were to hazard a guess, I’d say it has to do with how they nerf your XP when you group with higher-level players. At level 20, you’re grouping with level 120’s, even if everyone is scaled to level 60.

It sounds like it’s working as intended, but again, if you want them to see your thoughts, you’ll want to post in the PvP Forum.

(Dìònysus) #17

well than guess im refunding my sub

(Thundertotem) #18

well, that a bit extreme…

(Darthwraith) #19

Keep in mind this is a time sensitive issue if its been more then 30days its probably gona be a no for the month.

(Perl) #20

You’re welcome to ask for a refund, but understand that they’re actually not refundable. It would take a very rare situation for Blizz to approve a refund and not liking the XP you’re getting likely doesn’t meet that requirement.