Alterac Valley Event xp not scaling right

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Ok, good luck wherever your gaming takes you.

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i’m seeing 2 x Swift Hand of Justice… not Defending/Returning Champion in those trinket slots … it would be a pity if all this drama was over creating the wrong heirlooms…

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There’s been some armor swapping, because they had more “main” heirlooms equipped when I looked.


Not this toon my lv 21 has both pvp trinkets equip that increase experience gained from battle grounds by 50% each

This right here is why. Level 10-60 gets drastically reduced XP since the battleground was originally intended for Level 60’s so you don’t start getting scaled XP until 61.


inspect this player
following heirlooms give +10% XP each

  • head
  • shoulder
  • chest
  • legs
    following heirlooms give +5% XP each
  • cloak
  • ring (from STV sunday fishing contest)
  • ring (from WOD garrison shipyard missions)

PVP only XP bonus, but stats do help leveling

  • heirloom trinket +50% XP in BGs from STV arena chest, do not have the DMF chest version which would add another +50% XP in BGs. so yes the OP of this thread having both would be at 155% XP bonus in a BG. plus the 15% XP bonus if the 15th annv buff works also in BGs for 170% XP bonus


Which I believe was covered when the OP mentioned the PvP trinkets in response to that post. The issue here is trying to tell if the OP is getting the bonus or not and for that we need numbers that help outline what their base experience is.

At this point I believe it would be best to direct this to the Bug Report forum for any kind of data collection.

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