Alliance. Time to Boycott AV

Considering how long it took for blizz to do anything about premades, I’d say the damage is done and point moot.

Personally I think blizz is letting the factions take turns dominating each other.

Ofc they did.
Devs are horde :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That’s pretty much the main problem- Blizz ignores Horde exploiting for months, does nothing to try to balance anything, doesn’t gaf about fairness as thousands of alliance quit.

Moment that Horde start whining, they make half a dozen changes that the Horde are making hundreds of threads asking for. So grats on Blizz making the game ez mode for Horde, and still making changes for the Horde 15 years later because all the devs are orc lovers.

Blizzard intervention? are you fuc*//king kiddin me? are u that ret/*/arded bud? you re the one that cried for intervention for a whole month untill #nochanges became #somechanges

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I guess you forgot about how hard alliance cried during the entirety of p2.

The non stop crying… is just hilarious… from both sides…

How about play the game or don’t… leave the crying alone for a day or two?


Blizzard released battlegrounds early because of alliance whining.

Unbelievable. You guys are delusional.

Even the AV change was due to Alliance whining. Blizzard left it alone for months until those premades started griefing their own faction with false mass reports.

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Av change was horde winning sorry there bud. You cried for 4 weeks straight because you couldn’t handle av premades even though horde can do it also they just refuse to since queue times. Blizzard dropped everything to fix it for you guys. As the original vanilla dev just announced, Blizzard favors horde since inception.


Nope, Blizzard did NOTHING, until the threads started where people were getting mass reported and silenced for nothing by premades trying to seize control of AVs.

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It was for ally pugs. Horde couldn’t premades and still can’t do it if we’re calling what the ally does “premading.”

Anyone who didn’t know that is just trolling, delusional and/or ignorant.
Sorry your whole faction is gimped because you divided the faction. So shortsighted and sad.

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Wrong. We tried to do it but could not. We never refused to. We want to be able to premade.

True, it’s quite funny how you get pandered to and still don’t even realize it.

Go back to retail and enjoy your warmode bonus.

Av is very frustrating as Alliance. Since AV is what I signed up for - my sub could be coming to an end soon.


They released it because Horde complained about how bored they were with Alliance not going out into the world because 40 Horde would pounce on 1 Alliance and literally camp a single player. The early release was to give Horde more PvP content, not to save Alliance from a 24 hour a day slaughterfest. See, I can pull the projection card too. Selective memory is about the same as someone seeing something the way they want to see it. You think early BGs were for Alliance benefit, but there can be a point made that it was for Horde benefit. Blizzard favors Horde, and always have.

When Horde cries foul Blizzards listens, when Alliance cries foul nothing gets done, Blizzard has always catered to Horde, and Horde are never happy unless they win 100% of everything.

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Alliance spreadsheet gogurts have ruined the spirit of the game so idgaf. Do it alliance. Ruin the game even more.

Well, you could, if you wasted 3 to 4+ hours of your day requeuing, for 1 single AV, with maybe 60% of your group in (if lucky), as opposed to spending like 8 minutes (sometimes less) requeuing for probably 80% or better member inclusion.

Could i be something else please?
I dont like spreadsheets, and i Hate yogurt