Alliance. Time to Boycott AV

None of this matters, or should matter, to you.
Just meet us head on…and if you are better then you will win. That is what we (horde) are doing.
A racial, a map starting point, who can reach the final boss quicker…none of this matters. When you as an alliance player are not even dismounting and getting killed by three horde trying to pve-rush your way past us.

Most of you make it past us…we recall…eventually break you and then its a win for us.

Just stand and fricking fight. dear god…its player versus player.
Quit the posts about maps, racials…starting points, premades and so on.

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Correct. Don’t queue AV. DO make a twink and wreck Horde at low levels. DO gank lowbie Horde on your 60 main. You absolutely should boycott AV with how favored Horde is.

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60% ??? No, that never happened. Ever. On Horde it was a struggle just to get 2 in the same game. There were never enough members online and ready to queue at the same time. People have varying play schedules and time limits to how long they can stick around an try; a revolving door that never stopped spinning. They need to just allow us all to queue as full group.

that does not work, because alliance have to wipe horde 3 times to reach ibgy, if alliance lose the first team fight gg, aliance cant advance anymore because horde use shgy to block alliance advance, horde use the backdoor to alliance base ninja cap everything.

AND u get 1 tower/gy for free


Sad fact is that your 22 wins were probably lucky queues into a premade. #feelsbadman

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Do you have possibly over 4 hours (well definitely over 4 hours now)
to attempt a single AV game?

Hence i ask, do you (ALL 40 of you) have over 4 hours, to attempt to play 1 single instance of AV?
If so, you can probably pull off 1 SINGLE AV and get 15 to 25 of your 40 queuing in.

You do get what i am illustrating here, right?

I like this post :slight_smile:

Yea stop posting about the stuff that remindes you that you have a clear advantage.

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my gear is leagues better than rank 10 and with bwl i dont feel like ranking at all
horde Qs can get into 4 hours territory


Even with strawberries!

with anything

after the hotfix to stop premades AGAIN, horde finally have their 70 min game 100% winrate agains, TIME TO BOYCOTT, if their queue times reaches 7 days its over, gogo


Everyday I get more and more glad I knocked out all my rep

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Alliance need to boycott ALL endgame pvp. Make a twink, do world pvp, gank horde lowbies. Do whatever you can to be a dbag to Horde but do not cater to scrubs that went Horde for a cheap racial advantage in pvp. Let them sit in 1 hour queues.


I’ve started doing exactly this. Washed my hands of BGs, and pvp in general. Even AB isn’t bringing me back. My favorite thing right now is baiting bloodthirsty Q’ers out on farm with my 10 rank and just shadowmeld+altF4. Suck it, tryhards.

Yes, The alliance has lost the battle for alterac valley. Quickly! sound the retreat! Maybe we can avoid the loss of our entire casual pvp playerbase.

Most of 'em rolled Horde because they don’t want a challenge. The queues are proof.

Not sure if these posts are just sad, or plain pathetic. Every day my AVs get closer to a loss and I’m seeing alliance improve on a daily basis.

Clearly they are not forum posters, they dont seem to rollover and take pride in it.

TBH i think alliance are stuck in their “We gotta rush across mid” mentallity. Every time that happens horde just rushes them and burns them down. The only AV i lost so far was when ALL the alliance camped INSIDE SHGY and waited for horde to show up to cap flag. When we showed up to cap, they all rolled out 40 deep and slaughtered us, then kept killing us on the way to IBGY, forcing us to turtle. From that point on they did the same thing we do to alliance: Force us south of the IBGY choke and didnt let a single one of us by till after they capped 2 bunkers and FWGY. The problem is getting 40 alliance puggers to follow a strat.

PS as far as the horde backdooring is concerned, 1-3 mages can shut down a whole group of people trying to climb that spot, ive seen it happen a couple of times whenever we were able to stop the alliance zerg pre-fix.

PPS. I’m thinking its mostly because all the skilled alliance players are spamming WSG. Most of the horde in AV are skilled players that are just not willing to put themselves through the horrible experience that is the climb to rank 14.

I love this attitude from the alliance side. “Do what I say or I won’t play with you!” Now isn’t this the type of

that got us here in the first place? I say gg no re dont come back.