Alliance Exploiting. Circumventing the AV Fix

Yeah, fair enough. It’d close a lot of threads and frustration if they made it crystal clear. This company blows my mind sometimes.

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So much for “It wasn’t horde crying that made Blizzard put in the fix, but it was the Alliance pugs…”


All we can do it wait until someone gets eventually banned for something and they post about it on the forums or Reddit. :upside_down_face:

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I’ll be here waiting :joy:

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Lol fair games. Alright. Move the cave, remove all terrain exploits, remove racials, and add a ladder system.

Oh wait. That kinda sounds like retail.

I am so glad that lie is unraveling. I am bookmarking this thread.


The ironic thing here is, the good Alliance players just hop into a voice chat program when ever they get into a game. AFAIK, Horde does the exact same thing. DO YOU NOT ALSO SPAM A DISCORD CHANNEL ON HORDE SIDE? Every horde game i’ve played works exactly the same as Alliance. It seems like the reality here is that some Alliance players actually CAN pvp, and just have superior strats for AV. Instead of whining maybe you should focus on communicating new strats or… the REAL issue here, try and get Blizzard to rebalance AV itself… not the queuing system… with tbh just got even longer for horde. idk how this hot fix has really benefited ANY ONE. considering horde questions are now practically twice as long…

my 10 cents.

Hey guys I thought of a solution.
At this point…

Just remove AV from the darn game all together.

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maybe they wont hotfix this type of q because it doesnt make a graveyard to dead games

theres no way blizzard gms are looking at the last two days of 99% horde wins and are thinking “this is fair we did a good job”


Just remove PvP. Elune. It’s a train wreck.

… You seem to be missing the point. You couldn’t queue for AV as ANY size group before. Now we can Queue for 5. How does… being able to Queue for a greater party size than before = They Don’t Want people to group Queue.

Does not compute.

only 2 day after alliance find the way to premade

what a weak hot fix from blizzard

At this point we should just do 40man vs 40man AV’s from each server F!ck It!

From what I understand, the players on the Chinese classic servers, have been doing this for most of the week already. I heard about this method a few days ago, and figured it would be too annoying to attempt.

The ridiculous thing here is that horde spams discord channel invites once they get into a game. You are complaining that Alliance is winning because they are coordinating via discord in games. Horde mass joins discord channels after they get into game and also coordinate via discord in games…

There is NO difference here, this is literal whining. Maybe you should push for better strats and learn how to PVP. = /

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Horde spams discord channels after joining the AV… this ends up with 30+ horde players in a discord channel for each AV game.

How is this any different.

oh yeah because every game will have 30+ horde that use discord…I mean you are right in a way we dont even have to use discord the game HAS IN GAME VOICE…and we cant even get people to join that .,again none of this bothers me I dont really care 1 or 2 more weeks and I am done with AV for ever.

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Sounds like we need to focus on getting players accustomed to using voice chat instead of creating longer que times. = /

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Aka a voice chat program but horde has to church it up.

The difference is extremely obvious:

Alliance: Have 30+ people already committed to working as a team, and therefor allow a couple of people to lead them.

Horde: Have access to this function after the game has begun, and have only the maximum potential of reaching the same amount of players willing to allow a couple of people to lead them.