Alliance Exploiting. Circumventing the AV Fix

What exploits though? At no point did premades exploit anything, nor are they doing it now. Exploit does not mean “Doing something I dont personally like.”.

Correct, it means:
Make use of (a situation) in a way considered unfair or underhand.

That should clear your confusion.

alliance didnt start premading until horde started getting longer q times and forcing turtles
the main issue is horde and alliance are playing different games


God. I wish. Paladins might be wrong but the Alliance sure as hell wastes the opportunity. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re hilariously inept when it comes to small group PvP.

Exactly. And the Alliance has done nothing unfair by using premades. Only their abuse of kicking people, and that has been addressed.

I want to see the rest of the video - you guys already “got good” - so - you rofl smacked them right - you were ready to go when you first started - then got all sad face when you looked at the match - wierd

I was doing Marshal AV 15 years ago. Better retroactively ban my account, because it was “cheating”.

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This ^

Not my problem you’re completely ignorant to the fact premades are not supposed to queue into AV… otherwise they would have made a raid queue.
Blizzard also wouldn’t have gone to extreme lengths as to patch out numbers to prevent people joining as premades.

Are you starting to see the picture here? Or are you just willfully ignorant?

But no, you’re right. As far as Blizzard goes, Alliance didn’t/aren’t doing anything wrong.

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They numbered the BGs for this exact purpose. Premades were used throughout vanilla. Blizzard never had a single issue with them. You are, with all due respect, wrong.

Blizzard patched out numbers to prevent Alliance from abusing the vote kick system. Which is wrong and they should have been stopped. But now that that isnt happening, they are not doing anything actionable. It is not against the rules to premade a BG.

No offense but I thought the whole point of playing a competitive game was to try and win. So yes, even if it’s exploiting, people will try to get the upper hand.

Not sure why everyone keeps insulting each other (not specifically you, btw) over wanting to win at something.

So why would they patch out the numbers then?

To prevent the Alliance from kicking people, which worked brilliantly. Keep in mind they still kept the numbers on the battlemasters so you could still coordinate a groul, you just couldnt do so in a way that would let you abuse puggers.

BG’s were numbered in vanilla. It was very possible. The difference is now we have advanced communication programs (like Discord) that can hold thousands of people.
What can Blizzard do? Ban the use of discord with their game? That will kill the game and Blizzard will lose money, nope. Not happening.
I don’t understand why the horde complain anyways, half the time they finish the AV with 3k honor even in a loss. Now they’re just upset they aren’t winning 100% of the time.


We had those in Vanilla. People used them to organize premades then. Thats one reason I am so puzzled by so many people who seem to act like this was not a thing in those days. Like premades are some new, classic only invention.

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I don’t know… seems to me like they don’t want people grouping as a premade. Why limit it to 5 people if that were their true intentions?

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It was just less prevelant is what I was ultimately getting at. Ventrilo was a great program but not like Discord lol.
Now how can you blame the Alliance? Half the pug queues are afks and bots. How else do the Horde expect the Alliance to win? This is the only way.

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Not my vid bro.

But thats exactly that. it what it seems like to you. Its not what Blizzard said.

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Yeah that post was not a criticism of you, I am sorry if it came out that way. It was meant as a criticism of the side of the community who seems to think that vanilla never had premades or organized voice chat.

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