Alliance Exploiting. Circumventing the AV Fix

Horde has tried it, but even if 100 people queue at the same time we still have to wait a full hour and then hope that 1-2 got in the same game.

Please predict for me the AV game number that will end in 1 hour, if you can’t do that then horde can not do the same thing

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Horde are savages. They dont have the brain to play like that. They just know how to rush and die lol

Horde is using discord as well.

Savages realized Zug Zug is not enugh LOL

This is a Month ago Post Patch. Nekrages Video is hrs ago. Showing that there tracking the Numbers to abuse the Queing System.

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Using that method he bragged about hundreds of people mass queuing together and ending up with 1-2 other people every game. Not exactly the same as Alliance getting dozens of players every game.

Ok, keep using faps they won’t give you any skill btw, nice way to waste gold lol, also overextedn more, tunnel vision more.

wasn’t there ally premades in AV flasking?

Blue men bad! They’re hurting our turtle again!

But its ok when its the horde smashing Alliance in AV.

They are coordinating their efforts? But I thought (According to the horde.) the alliance couldnt coordinate and that premades existed due to a lack of coordination.

Blue Men bad! Zug Zug g o To R eT a iL Zug Zug!

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I’m not defending anything, you are the one coming with this “alliance avoids PvP” crap

This is the same thing as complaining that chess players are avoiding play chess if they don’t eat all the opponent pieces before winning the game: It makes no sense.

Premades were healthy for the competitive spirit of classic: It breaks the ability of bots/afks to climb, it developed an organized strategy for AV. The only reason Horde doesn’t like it, is because 1- They can’t premade with their long queues, 2- They don’t care about winning A.V., they just want to farm the most amount of HKs possible, because of their long queues.

The root of all horde problems is the horde queue time, and this is a consequence of the horde overpopulation.


Really the problem is they “fixed” what you guys where doing to prevent you from doing it, but you guys found away around it and are still doing it.

Uhh… judging by the relentless assaults on queue exploits by Petty Premades suggests you, The Alliance, want to always win.

Yes because its pug v pug. If alliance smashes premade v premade in AV thats fine too. Just keep it equal.

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You do know that you are not bound by law to accept the duel?

It has never worked like that in WoW and I doubt it ever will.