Alliance Exploiting. Circumventing the AV Fix

Alliance is stronger in WSG with paladins

So you are on a dead server with no other rankers and you just roll over like the typical alliance. Our queue times were 6 min yesterday but now back to 12 min.

Lol. You talk about equal chance in WSG but all I’ve experienced over the last few days is going up against a Rank 10+ Group of tryhards using sappers, FAP, etc, etc, every single game.

How is that equal chance? There’s so little Alliance it just matches us constantly against high rank premade groups.

This PvP system is beyond broken and the sheer volume of people playing and exploiting its mechanics is really showing how many holes it has.

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It is equal chance because you can do the same thing back to us. We cannot 40 man premade AV back on you.

How can you not understand this?


There is nothing the horde can do that alliance can’t.

Alliance can pre-made AV when horde can’t


Pretty much. Our only good Paladin on the server hit R13 this week, so he’s done. I feel like I’m an okay player, but there’s only so much 3-4 people can do. I’d also argue that Shamans are just as strong as Paladins, if not stronger. This is literally my first week playing Warsong, and Shamans just seem stronger in general. They have good healing even as Ele, Purge + 2x Dispel is nuts, Chain Lightning + Earth Shock batching with 2x Shaman literally deleted our Warrior with full consumes in 1 second. 2x Shaman teams even started both putting down Poison Cleansing Totem so I couldn’t drain Priests, meanwhile the Paladin has to dispel them individually. Teams usually have 2-3 Warriors with Windfury totem too.

Also I’ve seen teams have 2-3 people with Berserking at the same time, how does that work? 2x Ele Sham with berserking from Faerlina literally killed 3 people at the same time with Chain Lightning in one of our games.

I just have no idea how to deal with Warsong in general and I honestly have no drive since I’m done soon anyway.

oh hay its the guy who hides behind a lvl 20 priest.


You talk big and that’s all you do. Still too small to even post the name of your character yet will claim to have beat us.

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So…a premade?


I’m not disagreeing. The system is broken. It’s constantly one side stomping the other instead of a proper matchmaking system. Complaining that “X” faction is the cause of it is really the blind thing to do.

The PvP in this game is antiquated and just doesn’t work in today’s gaming climate.

There’s plenty of things Blizzard could do to fix it, but I doubt they will. Instead, they’ll keep slapping band-aids on it and call it “fixed.” It’s treating the symptom, not the underlying problem.

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No it’s not broken, that’s just your perspective. There’s alliance teams that stomp, horde teams that stomp. Theres also alliance teams that get stomped and horde teams that get stomped. Get better and your games will get better.

Horde could do that too in AV. Just link a discord at the beginning of each game. Depending on how vague you want to be, the chat could even count as “communication”.

Because alliance really succeeded when they tried the past 4 days right?

do horde not realize they can literally do the same thing alliance are doing to get premades?

Alliance can organize a group with specific class types or abilities before the game starts while the best Horde can hope for is maybe getting the people already there to join a mystery discord link…That’s hardly the same thing.

I would gladly “git better” if I had 40 hours a week to dedicate to PvP. But I don’t. I did all this in 2004 and I’m over it.

Some of us just want to PvP for fun - not to win. What’s wrong with a system that allows hardcore players to play with hardcore players, and casual players to play with casual players? Every single other PvP game these days uses a ladder system for a reason - WoW Classic is an antiquated PvP system.

Go play a real game for PvP if you want that kind of experience.

Unrealistic. Horde Que times are always hovering around a Hour. The method you are using is time sensitive.

Get good yo

try it sometime :slight_smile:

Horde already tried that (AV Discord), didn’t work… And now that we can queue as 5, even less of a chance that’s gonna happen. Gotta understand Horde are cool and Alliance are nerds… Nerds like being surrounded by nerds, cools don’t.

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Also, all the horde complaining about this - you all realize that this is so much of an issue because you all insist on playing the clearly favored PvP faction, right?

If the faction balance was closer to normal, both sides could premade. So you only have yourself to thank for playing the overpopulated faction - and blizzard for doing nothing about it but sitting back and laughing as people flock away from Classic back to retail.