Alliance Exploiting. Circumventing the AV Fix

You’re acting like this version of AV doesn’t favour the horde heavily with spawn placement and the fact that you can still backdoor the Alliance base.

what a joke

You’re acting like you’re not a pally who can bubble pull the whole room and laugh as the rest of your team exploits that pull… yada yada…same stuff on both sides. lol.

Here’s the jist of it:

Games become bad because Horde have an overwhelming map and racial advantage in AV.
People stop pugging it.
Queue at the same time as other high ranked people.
Suddenly it’s a “premade”.


Alliance just need to learn that pvp is over for them. Blizz obv doesn’t want us play crossrealm premades. But alliance cant win a fair fight. Were just fodder for horde honor.
Ive started to tell people to just boycott bgs altogether, and when the horde start camping alliance in the open world we leave the pvp servers too.
Quit feeding into it.


when you in voice before hand and go “ok queue now” this is like the very freaking definition of a premade …why you all so afraid to call it what it is?


Then Horde can do it too? Why are you Horde such babies?? Just do it yourself? lmao

can’t horde premade with this same method? O_O
it seems like they can

You all queue with 1.5k people and get many games with 30+

if horde did it with 1.5k people we would be lucky to have A game with more then 5 people from the same realm…I actually dont know with the groups of 5 going at same time …time will tell on that . but no we can not doing it with the same success as alliance.

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Why don’t you just git guder at it?? I’m sure Horde can optimize it if Alliance can

Unrealistic. Horde Que times are always hovering around a Hour. The method you are using is time sensitive.

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Why don’t you just git guder at WSG? Sike you have to tuck your tail and run back to where you have an unfair advantage in pvp, only going against pugs while premading. What happens when you go premade vs premade? You get slapped.

i.imgur. com/It4ltDi.png


lol no we cant. we have now hour long queue times. No amount of “queue now” will change that you can ditch over and over till you have the numbers in the same game you need, which is what yall did all of this time till this patch.

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and I thought I was incoherent at times.

and we can not “get Good” at something that is 100% luck based.

No reason wasting 200g a game in WSG when we can just farm mid and get to the next game in 5 minutes. Imagine having to compete because your queue times are so terrible

You don’t know how the honor system works if you think longer queue times are bad. The longer the better.

Imagine Having to compete in pvp the Alliance player says.


They’ll probably boost our queue times artificially to 1 hour soon just so Horde stop whining.

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Maybe it’s more “imagine being able to compete”? Racial advantage is insane in WSG, longer queue times mean you don’t have to use near as many consumables per hour as we would. Then we also have a much smaller player pool, so instead of being a premade we’re more of a PUG with communication.

All of it just adds up to not being worth actually putting in effort in premades since we’re not there for pride, but solely for honor per hour.

Cope. Ten chars