Alliance Exploiting. Circumventing the AV Fix

Congratulations Blizzard for playing yourself. Saying you’re removing AV premades only to leave a work around for them is just pure stupidity. What a worthless company.

That’s a separate actual bug, that Blizz wasn’t even correct about. ‘as few as 20’ suggests games were starting with ‘as few as 20’- which isn’t correct. Game were starting with far fewer than 20 frequently.

They cared so little for what was happening to Alliance pugs they didn’t even know what was actually happening- and fixing that would not have required a change in honour from HKs, would not have needed 5 man premades added, and would not have needed hiding numbers, and would not have required the secret addition of 2 min queues to every Alliance match when they’ve always been instant.

If you can’t even identify what the bug is, you’re in a pretty sad state.

“Quit or reroll” basically what was spammed for months by Horde, telling Alliance that couldn’t reach BRD or Strat in their parties to just make a 40 man premade in order to do dungeons. Horde that pretend you have sympathy after that are disgusting, we’ve seen your true colours, we know you’re all exploiters that celebrated the death of multiple servers- and we know you don’t care in the slightest for the Alliance pugs and casuals you were dedicated to forcing to quit the game.

Just stop, you’re so fake it’s pathetic.

How about this fix you filthy Alliance, they implement Server Queus :slight_smile: and you can only Queu with your server against other pugs/servers xD would be funny they increased that 5 team queu (which is already beating the hell out of you guys) into a 40 v 40 real game… and not a joke as you are trying to make it against only PUGs xD

You’re right, it should be clear to everyone what “unfortunate behaviors” they were trying to stop. That’s important, since no one will have any grounds for complaint about any possible consequences from circumventing the “fix.”

Glad you clarified this for everyone!

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reach BRD or Strat in their parties to just make a 40 man premade in order to do dungeons

But camping boats where guards don’t attack and griefing everyone on the boat for weeks wasn’t exploiting, or pathetic af…



Ya’ll could have banded together and did the same thing

But you did and still you did premades eh?

Ive never been a corpse camper, im rank 5 i didnt go hard in p2.
And many of that is server dependant our server is around 60/40 And there are Alliance guilds who farmed BRM just as easily as Horde did on yours.

Oh please you know nothing about me. But i know you are a premader trying to ignore any responsibility in causing grief to his own faction. Easier to rant on the forums about Blizzard bias and Horde in p2 then saying yeah i crapped on my own faction for some ingame currency. Good work you winner.

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Thank you for this.

100% win rate for Horde since change. With 5 man queues, the average rank for Horde has gone from like 6 to 9-10 over night, with even more organization. We all know Alliance are retards. What EXACTLY… is the problem with ending with 80% win/loss instead of 100% win rate?

Complaining about world pvp in a Thread about BG’s is basically saying we know we are exploiting but look over here.


It’s shameful xD to see how you guys are so dependant on stuff that actually benefit you that much… to be honest it’s a bit depressing I do hope you guys find peace on your misery since all of your high ranks got FARMED when we had chance of actual PvP…


This would all have been fixed by adding AB now instead of constantly making #changes

If they’re gonna make #changes to av than they need to change the av map to the balanced version that was added in TBC

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Ironic- you can see what server I’m on, and I’ve seen first hand thousands of Horde exploiting without a care.

I’m aware the sort of players the Horde attracts, exploiters that can’t stand not having every single advantage, that whine and wail about only having 90% win rates, that think every single exploit is fine provided horde can do it, but throw a tantrum if there’s anything you can’t do.

Lol, the misdirect try.

The exploit argument is pretty weak already, here come the explainers for why all attention should be on the preferred cry topic. Cause we need Moar Changes.

Joining us horde to pvp should be called an exploit

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Should be all you need to know that this is a work around to a Hot Fix making it a Exploit.

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And if i was a Alliance player saying what ive said would you still say the same?

I like how you dodge any accountability of the Alliance players who you helped crapped on though. Because the Horde do it its ok for me as well.

Not enough explaining yet, needs some actual effort. No pain, no gain.

First off- no, cuz I don’t do premades. Secondly- if you were an Alliance player on Stalagg you’d be aware of the massive amount of exploiting that occured, was brushed off by Horde, and ignored by Blizzard. You wouldn’t be with the sea of zugs saying ‘well those exploits are fine, cuz they didn’t effect me’ like Horde do whenever discussion of Horde exploiting comes up, like it’s fine when Horde do it.

Blizz didn’t even know what the bug they were fixing did to Alliance pugs, as I said, that’s just carelessness that can only come from a developer that is grossly biased.