Alliance Exploiting. Circumventing the AV Fix

Anyone running premades after Blizzard explicitly turned them off is running a big risk of getting suspended & honor reset. I’d be cautious. Let’s see if their greed costs them.


Are the horde not literally exploiting WSG as we speak? Stop spamming your garbage YouTube video that shows nothing but a bunch of people talking in Discord. It’s not an exploit.

roflmao ok bud :+1:t2:

So now any fix will be to just help horde. See how long blizz takes to cater to them.

Blizzard is really hard on people who exploit things that they’ve tried to fix. I could easily see them resetting everyone who exploits this back down to rank 1.

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I know you’re wrong, just because you think Horde exploiting is fine doesn’t mean it’s actually fine.

The lopsided balancing of the game has already given you hour long AV queues, and Blizz catering to Horde while letting you guys exploit nonstop is going to guarantee it only goes higher.

Horde have spent half a year boasting about how they exploit, and that pvp isn’t meant to be fair- the tables turn briefly and they throw a tantrum like no other. Blizz to the rescue- and your queues just get longer and longer because nobody wants to play a game that’s fundamentally unfair.

And that’s the ultimate issue- nothing Alliance were doing was unfair, if it was then Horde queues would have gone down, since no player wants to play a game that’s unfair towards them. Alliance are playing less, and Horde are playing more- because the game is massively imbalanced in Horde’s favour, and by adding to that you’re just going to see more players leave this game from Alliance to go play another game that is fair.

If you were correct- your queues wouldn’t be an hour now, and two by ZG, and three by AQ, and four by Naxx, etc…


If you actually think Blizzard is going to punish the players for this you are insane. They will lose thousands upon thousands of subscribers, that means they lose money. Blizzard doesn’t like losing money. Also, if they did that, you’d come back here and cry because your queue times have now shot up to 5 hours because no one is left to play the game.


wow so many people replying to push this link away. don’t you want people to be informed of the “not exploit” you are not doing ?

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AV queue times would likely enter the stratosphere and blizzard would be facing chargebacks and everything else under the sun.

Edit: and if they did do something so foolish after all of the other exploits that they did absolutely jack to punish they would deserve the reaction

Queuing is not an exploit Undead female player.

You don’t need to be a white knight, trust me. Blizzard isn’t going to come down and handle you a little gold medal because you are “exposing the exploiters”.
That video showed nothing but a bunch of people talking in Discord.

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Maybe, but I wouldnt think there are that many casuals alliance who had not finished the rep grind. It probably takes alliance with your queues 2 days tops.

And the Alliance players who had empty games because of that? No none of them complained at all.

“We’re fixing a setting that allowed the battleground to start with as few as 20 players on a team.”

That was caused by you and your premading friends. No Horde player caused this.

But it’s good just to forget about them because any Alliance who dont premade are just trash, and who cares right?

Damn disgusting behaviour.

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Good thing games don’t start with less than 20 players now. So what are you complaining about?

:rofl: :rofl: /10char :rofl: :rofl:

He was speaking in past tence i was merely pointing out the change was made because of his actions rather than it being the evil favourite factions fault.

Between the ghetto Nostradamus future predictions, the Dear Diary chap & all the self righteous virtue signalers, who needs cable tv anymore.

Just drop into Classic GD, its all Springer all day, Loktar Ogar!

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I was enjoying playing with some in AV due to allowing 5 mans. Now that’s out of the question ever again after facing a full premade in alliance today. Wonder how long it will take them to patch this exploit?

Actually I’m in that boat. Hit honored immediately, got thoroughly sick of AV, and then I’ve done an AV here and there. Got my aurastone hammer now so I have to do the rest of the slog through revered before BWL drops for my offhand. Going to totally halfass it I promise you.

honestly Blizzard needs to make up there mind. Either Embrace Premades or Remove them. But Cross Realm Collaboration is clearly not intended.