All of you praising the instance cap

Yeah… YOU. Lol

So i’m waiting can someone out of the entire forums give me 1 positive thing this hotfix does? It does not stop bots. It does not fix pathing. It does not stop boosters. So what does it do? Please I’m waiting.

I dont have a mage im a broke warrior. All im sating is dont praise a change that doesn’t fix what it was implemented to fix juat because you like the side effects.

  1. Blizzard can implement a change that’s not “good for the entire game” and have it still be a net positive.

  2. I don’t have to provide any reasons because I don’t need to defend Blizzard’s actions.

  3. On a personal level, curtailing mages’ ability to farm/boost dungeons is good enough for me regardless of Blizzard’s reasons.

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Agreed. It’s so vague.

I already agree that this change doesn’t really stop whatever it was they were hoping to stop.

I don’t deny this. It’s just not as abundant as Classic. Classic and Retail are two different games.

I think I’ll continue posting on my Retail Character, since it bothers you so much. You know who my Classic Character is. You know I play Classic.

We are? You don’t say?

I do play it. You already know I do. Therefore, my Posting Avatar shouldn’t matter.

So whats the good thing? You keep defending there actions tho. Hypocrite

I like how the term “Retail kid” is used as an insult. As if liking Retail WOW is a bad thing.

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It creates a lot of forum threads to entertain me at work. I consider that a positive.


It is a bad thing, and I’m done to replying to retailers. Brain dead clearly, Anyone wanna give me 1 positive this hotfix brings? that actually plays classic?

Hater mad that mages can make more gold than him.

Does not have a positive impact on the game, I know what you mean tho lol i’m glad you’re enjoying it. :smiley:

LOL it’s just a Posting Avatar.

You really should stop referring yourself as such.

I never said it did.

I do play Classic.


Okay if you do simply switch avatars and prove it, if not im done responding. So I’m still waiting How is this hotfix “Fixing pathing” ANYONE?

Then we need to have a discussion entirely about the fact that running dungeons all day is not exploiting the game. How I choose to spend my time in a game I am paying a subscription for should be solely up to me so long as I am not cheating. This whole argument is ridiculous. Don’t get mad at players who play 6-12+ hours a day just because you can’t.

I agree, also it does not fix the things that in the post they said they wanted to fix, It does not fix pathing and it does not fix botting.

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Efficiency is not a word you should be using while playing video games

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You already know who my Classic Character is. I switched over to my Retail version, just to spite you because you’re being ridiculous.

Good 'cause you’re acting a fool.

I’ve expressed, numerously, that it doesn’t.

Funny how agreeing with you on that part is still not good enough. You’re still cranky.

Again, I already expressed that I don’t think it’s stopping whatever it was Blizz was hoping to stop. I shouldn’t have to be on a Classic Avatar to agree with you.

You’re absolutely ridiculous.

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That’s you opinion. Some people play video games solely for the competition and efficiency is a big part of that

You can race to the other side of the street all you want doesn’t mean any1 has to care about it…

Kids these days

Yeah, pathing is fixed with invisible walls. Blizzard has actually done this countless times. So I seriously can’t think this is the sole reason.

Botting is solved with a change to Warden and a massive ban wave. So this can’t be the sole reason either.

So maybe, just maybe, this is a band-aid until the walls go up and the update happens. Or a grand conspiracy against MCP and buff stackers.

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