All of you praising the instance cap

None of you are happy because it combats botting you are happy because this stops people from playing the game more efficiently than you like (boosting aoe farming) its fine to enjoy a change but dont give blizzard a pass on doing nothing to combat botting because you like the change.


if boosts cost more money, more people will be out in the world since they’ll be more likely to lvl outside of dungeons
if more people are out in the world, there’ll be more world PvP


Exploiting mob pathing is not “more efficiently” it’s something that would get you banned in actual Vanilla when GMs would actually monitor the world in real time.

There’s a reason why runs are so efficient now in a way they never were in Vanilla to the point where mages can farm 2k+ gold a day and it’s called exploiting. Reread the blizzard post because the cap change was meant to counter pathing exploiters as much as it was bots and Blizzard even said that.


How exactly does that even remotely affect botting? It’s strictly a live player change

i didnt say it affects botting

So if it isn’t about botting then the premise for this change is a blizzard lie

i also didnt say it isnt about botting

Circular argument, grats


it is inhumane to do 30 dungeons in a day - even if you’re human.


“As part of our ongoing efforts to eliminate exploitative and automated gameplay,”

Did you miss the first part about exploitative? This isn’t just about botting and Blizzard even said that. People streamed themselves exploiting instances daily blame yourselves for why Blizzard finally came down on it.


I’d intended to talk about how it affected real players who are mages who sell boosts for in-game currency
these mages suddenly can’t sell as many boosts
so the price of boosting goes up
so less people decide to buy boosts
the people who don’t buy boosts level elsewhere, like out in the world
and those people might be part of world PvP

i had not intended to remark upon bots in what id said, but rather, I’d intended to say that more world PvP can be an upside of this change that is unrelated to how much higher people are on the raiding totem pole than I am

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The people praising it are retail shills. Haven’t seen any actual classic players jumping for joy.


I support the change. And I’m an OG vanilla player.


Can we define exploitive gameplay? What I was doing was not exploitive, I sold no gold, I boosted no one but my own characters. My mage is still in the 30s. I was simply dungeon boosting my own toons because I level toons. That’s what I enjoy on weekends. Now I can no longer do so.

Well there’s one out of 30,000. Good for you.

You can’t level new toons anymore because of this change? Or you can’t level toons entirely through dungeon boosting and now you have to play the game as it was intended - a mixture of questing, dungeons, and mob grinding in the open world? My heart bleeds for your loss.


an exploit can probably defined as such:

if a thing that a player does goes against the design intention(s) of the relevant game designer(s) in a manner that produces (an) effect(s) that trivializes and/or makes remarkably easier one or more parts of the game(such as how difficult it was intended to be to get 50k gold), then it is an exploit

however, if it doesn’t trivialize or make remarkably easier any part of the game, then it isn’t an exploit, but rather, emergent gameplay

just because you can get 4000g/day on a consistent basis, doesn’t mean that it was intended game design
game designers aren’t perfect, and sometimes will accidentally leave holes in their creations that can be exploited
its comparable to a loophole in a contract
and the playerbase of WoW: Classic has found very, very, very many loopholes in WoW: Classic over the past 16 years

but then theres stuff in WoW: Classic such as tanking ragnaros in half-leather without any fire resistance before BWL came out, and being able to do that doesn’t really qualify as an exploit, but rather, bad game design, so I’m not really sure if the above definition of exploit is sufficient


I’m not saying that all mages that boost exploit because there are ones that do it the legitimate old school way.

Maybe you were abusing some bugs in mob pathing and blind spots and maybe you weren’t but an overwhelming majority of the mages selling runs are abusing both to maximize time and profit.

It is pretty vague and can mean anything.

So, dungeon spamming. Pretty sure Blizz has been against this since Day 1. You know, with the whole 5/hr thing. Now, they’re pushing this harder with 30/24hrs.

Since some (not all) found a work around against the 5/hr.

For 15 years this has not been an issue. Now that the wow token was released in China, the bots came here and EU for profit, and blizzard implents a change that affects the entire history of this game in the name of combatting bots, which doesn’t actually combat bots.

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