All of you praising the instance cap

I don’t care because it affects my gameplay by 0%.

I can certainly understand how it affects someone else’s, though, and can feel for them.

I also think some of the reactions on both ends are based in hyperbole and straw men and gaslighting and…

You are playing a FOTM class that just lost a lot from this instance change am I supposed to expect you to be objective about this or take you seriously?


It does and will effect your game play eventually, read up to my post.

Please switch to your level 60 so I can take you seriously Please?

I love how serious some (not all) take on Posting Avatars LOL

Still, I do agree that this change doesn’t really stop whatever it was Blizz was hoping to stop.

So its okay to exploit 6hrs a day, just don’t go above that? Got it!

I’m not gonna have a classic debate with someone whos spent a week on classic. Pointless don’t ya think?

But the mages are telling me that inflation will run rampant, droves will quit the game, none of us will be able to log into raids, and swarms of bots will now cover the land like a swarm of locusts.

Hyperbole? No. A crisis of titanic proportions? Yes.


Yeah yeah yeah “I are the raid farming at 60.”

Literally, I am playing a very long game against the buff stackers. I don’t care if you stack or not. I just want to play.

Another level 20, Do you have even 1 point that states this change is good for the entire game? Just 1 point please… I’m waiting.

The lack of elucidation upon what “exploitative gameplay” means by Blizzard’s definition is a problem here. Also, LFG has been modified and adjusted over the years with “soft pauses” for the reason that, as they have explicitly stated in the past, they want people to play the game to whatever capacity best interests them. They do not want one manner, questing vs bg vs LFG vs gathering, to outweigh the other and be the most viable way to play the game. In that regard, I can agree, addressing Classic’s heavily pay-for-carry dominated model is actually a great concern. These changes, however, affect a much wider scope of gameplay concerns than just nerfing paid carries. Also, in retail, there are still paid carries (especially for lvls 110-120)

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You can’t possibly know that information just on the Avatar, alone.

It’s all pointless :rofl:

It has a lot more to do with that, If blizzard does not actually fix the problem nothing in the game will hold reward, hence the game eventually dying. Classic is all about reward.

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if i was the one trying to combat botting by doing something related to instances, then that aint what id do
itll regardless result in a slight increase in world PvP, though

And can you switch to your classic character, we are on classic forums. If you wanna discuss things about the game, you should atleast play it.

No it won’t it doesnt effect bgs at all. If you want pvp you do battlegrounds not world pvp lmfao wtf

thats right
its all about honor per hour
nothing about fun; that comes solely from climbing the totem pole, from being up there, and from absolutely nothing else in every video game in the entire world

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World pvp is trash hence why its not even a thing in retail. We like battlegrounds. Sorry

Uh, is this satirical? Legit, vanilla players began voicing opposition and dissent with intensity once the first xpac, TBC, was released- that entire fandom is what developed over a decade and spawned Classic’s re-release, so I don’t understand if you just were never there? or if this is just to be inflammatory.

eh well some people like it