All of you praising the instance cap

Just because it wasn’t a problem before, doesn’t mean it’s not a problem, now.

Again, Bots are not the -only- targets, here. The Blue Post clearly states this. But, I do agree, I don’t think this change really changes, anything. As in stopping Cheaters (Bots or not, Cheating is still Cheating).

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I think the main issue I have is that this change is so ridiculous it affects boomers like myself that enjoy playing a game to unwind. I’m not farming gold, I’m not selling anything, I’m not affecting the economy because I don’t care about any of that. I just like playing, and running my own toons through dungeons (not even using isboxer) and this is now something I can no longer because I hit instance cap in 2 hours.

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How are you hitting 30, when there’s a 5/hr?

Using some kind of exploit to bypass the 5/hr, I see…


3 accounts, one 60 running two lower levels through. Each run since they are on the same bnet account uses 3 instances, so I only get 10 resets as a group, which is generally less than 2 hours.

This change is not account-wide. Only realm specific.

There’s literally no mention in their post of what “exploitative” behaviour is defined as, what are you referring to?

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Unless they hot fixed it today, that is not true

You just discovered that many of us don’t support the change because of botting, but for other reasons? That’s a real hot take there.

I like the change because I don’t support mages sitting in instances all day blasting everything down with AOE. It’s not like that really changes, they can still do it for 6 hours a day lol.

This is you:

“Bro, we’re just so much more efficient blizzarding dungeon mobs 20 hours a day. This is totally natural and simply a measure of my highly skillful and efficient play. Why would an account running 240 instances a day even warrant any speculation? Just a regular player with a dream.”


Everything you just said is wrong. It happened in vanilla and they never did anything. You’re now just making crap up to fit your silly narrative.

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That’s some selective eyesight you have.


I’m not disagreeing with what you are saying, I’m telling you that is not how it works in practice.

Blizzard literally has LFG/LFR tool in retail, introduced many expansions ago, so I’m confused at what point your statement "So, dungeon spamming. Pretty sure Blizz has been against this since Day 1. " is valid?

Wouldn’t be the first time, Blizz goofed in trying to implement a change. You should send in a Report about it not working right.

And, those tools still have soft pauses like the que, deserter debuffs, along with level scaling, etc. So, they’re not plowed through too quickly.

Not to mention, Retail Dungeons aren’t being spammed to boost in high masses, like in Classic. Retail dungeons aren’t being farmed heavily for Gold, either. You got Level Boosting and WoW Token for that.

No it didn’t many of the mob pathing exploits in classic right now didn’t exist in Vanilla you’re the one making stuff up.

And yes GMs actually did things in real time in Vanilla like kicking guilds out of raids and kicking parties out of instances when people tried exploiting before banning them if they were detected.

If you can’t handle playing Classic without exploiting then feel free to go back to retail.


I think that’s a pretty good definition. Doing things unintended by the designers to cheese the game.

There are many ways to cheese and exploit this game. Blizzard for once decided to place a stricter limit on one of them. And people are whining about it. Have you people no shame, no self-respect?


The problem is with this entire Hotfix is its supposed to help with Exploits to pathing. It does not help, in anyway shape or form. If they wanted to fix pathing issues they could’ve spent some time and changed the dungeons that are being abused the most, examples - ZG,ZF,MARA. But instead they literally give us a hotfix that effects more of the playerbase, even if its a small amount. It does not effect bots IN ANYWAY. Bots will go to multiple realms and farm there. Asmon and plenty of other big youtubers agree on this point. If they wanna get rid of boosting than theres other ways to do that. Either way blizzard needs to deal with bots, this hotfix is not doing anything about bots actually, Bots will go to more realms because with VPN’s u can get wow time super cheap and its more profit for botters no matter what. 3 dollars game time, and you can sell gold for way more than that. This Hotfix DOES NOT effect bots at all, and AS EVERYONE CAN SEE, Classic has a lot of hardcore players, You should not punish hardcore players because you cannot figure out how to deal with bots. I agree these pathing exploits should be fixed, but they should be F I X E D, not going the cheap route and doing this, this isn’t a indie company. This is a company that has made MILLIONS off subs, The head of the company gets a 30mili a year cut, wtf does that tell you? They have been firing more people and putting in game things to report other players because they don’t wanna spend ANY EXTRA for good quality gameplay. They need to INVEST in world of warcraft. PERIOD.

Yup, you never played vanilla. Nice to know I can ignore your posts now.

Yes because I’m sure that someone that actually played Vanilla would be acting this immature and self-righteous right? :rofl:

Kind of like a kid from retail

You are level 20, and playing classic has nothing to do with being mature or not. If you think this hotfix does anything positive you are dumb. Sorry