Akama History Thread

Believe it or not, some of you folks have been playing this video game for almost 10 years now...and a very select few of you have been on the Akama server for almost 9 of those years. This realm launched on November 30th, 2005 and there has been quite a lot of server history that has taken place between then and now.

What I have been working on recently is trying to piece together all of that information, some from WoWProgress/Guildox/archived WoWWiki data, and pool all of this data into one organized page so that people can see some sort of chronological timeline.

Here is what I have so far...


I have been able to find most data regarding boss kills and when the server first kills occurred. It has helped that I personally have been on this server for almost 7 years now so I can pretty much remember who the big kids on the block were back in the day (Acquired Taste).

However, this is where I am going to need some help from some of the vets on Akama. I need vanilla data...lots of it. Wiki archives were a mess from vanilla and all I could muster were horde and alliance guilds and leadership. I have no progression data. I also need most PvP data, I have no idea who the vanilla grand marshal's/high warlords were. I also did not keep up with any gladiators from the seasons past and there is no where that logs were kept regarding this information.

What I need from you:

  • Progression Data
  • Server first boss kills and dates
  • Rank 14 Grand Marshal's/High Warlords Class and date which they got the rank
  • AQ Server Event data, who opened the gates first, who got the titles/mounts
  • Burning Crusade:
  • T4 progression data
  • T4 Server first kills
  • Alliance/Horde Gladiators, class, and what season they got the title.
  • Wrath of the Lich King:
  • Server First Achievements Names/Classes
  • Alliance/Horde Gladiators, class, and what season they got the title.
  • Cataclysm:
  • Server First Achievements Names/Classes
  • Alliance/Horde Gladiators, class, and what season they got the title.
  • Alliance/Horde Grand Marshal's/High Warlords class and season they got the title.
  • Mists of Pandaria:
  • Server First Achievements Names/Classes
  • Alliance/Horde Gladiators, class, and what season they got the title.
  • Alliance/Horde Grand Marshal's/High Warlords class and season they got the title.

  • Additional Info:

    Now obviously, there are many "?" marks throughout the wiki. I honestly was not able to find the data and have no way of finding the data. If you recognize a piece of information that belongs in place of a "?" mark, let me know here and I can add that data to the wiki. To add, if you see something on here that is incorrect, please let me know so I can do some research and change it. WoWProgress during Wotlk/BC was still in its infancy and there were many bugs regarding progression data.

    Vanilla and each expansion has a dedicated "history" section for both alliance and horde, if you feel that something should belong in that area...something that happened on either side during the course of an expansion that is worth noting...(IE. Acquired Taste faction changing from Alliance to Horde at the start of Cataclysm) , then this is where that information would go.

    Would be neat to have this completed before Akama turns 10 years old and I hope we can all share some good memories when people look at this page and see a guild from long ago and its progression...PvE or PvP.

    Additionally, once the wiki is complete, I will export the data to WoWPedia. WoWWiki is obsolete compared to WoWPedia, however they share the same code and WoWWiki had archives dating back to vanilla on the server so I decided to start editing there.
    Damn there's some player/guild names I haven't seen in a long !@#$ing time. This is a cool idea.

    A few leadership corrections I noticed,

    I don't think Elflip was ever GM of UP during Wrath. I joined UP during Naxx and it was I think john (Freelance I think?). Maybe Flip quit halfway through naxx or something though I'm not sure. But if I remember right it was Mosparkles during Ulduar/ToGC, and then Celly during ICC and RS.

    Vanilla guild Shadow Requiem:
    I was only able to raid 20 mans due to my dialup internet connection back then but I know we did ZG/AQ20. As far as the 40 mans go I can't remember.

    AQ gate opening scarab lord title and mount: His name is on the tip of my tounge.. Starts with an "L" I think...
    Ah thanks a lot! I know HKC and UP were in tight progression during BC and Wrath but I could never remember who the GM was lol.
    Thanks for this list Auron. I've made toons on other realms but Akama has always been home since I started playing. Here's a list of some GM's that I remember raiding with -

    Xiamegaman - Insane Asylum GM
    KneecapKilla - Press Start GM
    Thious/Odilan - Aether Guardians
    Thanks for that info man!

    Just a heads up, I am in the process or scanning through old web archives. If any of you old school peoples want a walk down WoW memory lane, this site is an amazing tool for that.


    Dark Wrath
    Vanilla Website

    Life Sentence
    Vanilla Website

    Hello Kitty Club
    Burning Crusade Website

    Burning Crusade Website

    Acquired Taste
    Mists of Pandaria Website

    Cataclysm Website

    Vanilla Website

    Mists of Pandaria Website

    Burning Crusade Website

    Legendary Hero
    Vanilla Website

    Vanilla Website
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    The nostalgia is real.
    08/17/2014 12:37 AMPosted by Drakedog
    The nostalgia is real.
    Back in Vanilla Warpath played second fiddle to AT. We downed everything in ONY/MC/BWL/AQ40 first on Horde side and only got Instructor Razuvious before BC.

    In BC we edged out At on Gruul and were light years ahead on horde side (5/5 Hyjal) (9/9 BT) after the first boss in (1/6 SW) with WOTLK being so close and the heavy school schedule of most of my Officers we decided to call it until WOTLK.

    08/17/2014 12:37 AMPosted by Drakedog
    The nostalgia is real.
    Awesome man thx for the info! Dang you are still playing too, old school bro.
    08/17/2014 12:37 AMPosted by Drakedog
    The nostalgia is real.
    The furthest Fury ever got was Rag in MC, Hakkar and Moam. We would gear people and they would leave for better progressed guilds, a doormat guild if you will.

    Mystee and Zap were the leaders throughout Vanilla and BC. I have no idea about BC progression. Mystee left a long time ago (Rift) but Zap is still around on various alts. I'm pretty sure Fury still exists as bank guild for one of the former officers.

    Edit: Random memory: <Macabre> farming us for HKs in the desert outside of AQ20
    As for high ranking PVPers, Fury had one:

    Slboogie. he got rank 13 and had the hand of Rag, arms warrior. He quit the game before 2.0 even dropped. Sorry that I don't have better dates, this was a long time ago.

    Edit: Y'know he might have gotten rank 14. I know he worked at it day and night. Don't remember.
    Okay last post. I see you have BC progression listed. Fury was active in Wotlk too, but it was a halfhearted revival of the old days. Mostly we just hung out. We did Naxx 10 (patches behind the curve) and got the first 3 bosses in Ulduar 10, the Wintergrasp bosses and then I think we got maybe one from ToC10 before Mystee and Zap and the other officers left to join Silent Pride. Thus ended Fury. RIP
    Judgment was also active on the Alliance side during Vanilla.

    We were through MC, BWL, most of AQ40, and progressing through Naxx.

    Leaders were Tripwyre and Vizagoth.
    I must take my bow before the all mighty Auron! /bow
    Do I count?
    Vanilla - Border Patrol Carissabean GM (it reformed not sure of new GM)
    Living Legends - Macht GM
    Uprising - Sprinks GM
    Destruction Override - Zerogravity GM
    The Eternal Requiem - Thanatosis GM
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    08/17/2014 12:37 AMPosted by Drakedog
    The nostalgia is real.
    For La Familia Leadership during Wrath:

    T9/10 - Rigaur

    T7/8 - Since
    I played on Akama during Vanilla and a bit of BC. I don't remember a lot of dates, but I do remember a few names you're missing. Most (all?) of the server firsts in MC/BWL/AQ40 were by <Relisted> an alliance guild. They were also the ones who opened the AQ gates. If I remember correctly Harmond from <Relisted> was the one who opened the gates. They broke up either on twin emps or C'Thun, I don't remember which. I couldn't tell you who got the server firsts in Naxx, I think there were several different guilds making progress in different wings at the same time. I know C'Thun was never killed pre BC and I don't think anyone got 4h, Saph or KT either.

    The two first High Warlords I remember seeing in Vanilla were Loki (Warrior) and Naikon (Shaman) from the guild <Onslaught> There were several <Acquired Taste> people who got Grand Marshall but the ones I remember were Moeisha (druid) and Beastcloud (Pally)
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