[A/H] <The Highguard> is recruiting! RP/PvE


The Highguard is a freelance group of mercenaries that have taken up residence outside of Redridge. Originally composed of Alliance soldiers, prior to opening their membership to their Horde counterparts, the choice of Redridge was made due to proximity to the capital of Stormwind and work opportunities, but not so close to draw undue attention and scrutiny. The Highguard are overseen by the governor of the garrison, a Saberon named Hearthstone, mostly for administrative purposes though they may occasionally throw jobs out to the group from time to time. Those who make up The Highguard come and go as they please, sometimes working in teams, sometimes working on their own, in defense of Azeroth and its people.


The Highguard is a very small, new (ish), cross-faction guild looking to find additional members to join us for RP, and potentially PvE, adventures! How small are we you may ask? Well, right now there are three of us and we’re all in different North American time zones! One is on EST, one is MST, and one is on PST! Why mention that? Well, in case you log on and don’t see all three of us together often. We do like each other, promise!

Because of the time differences, we tend to do a lot of “play-by-post” roleplay in our Discord server. This isn’t to say there won’t ever be any RP in-game–we enjoy that as well!–but as it stands Discord is the easiest way for us to engage in storytelling without having to all try and plan around life to be in-game. If you’re looking for a guild with a lot of in-game RP sessions, that’s cool! We just may not be the best fit for you and that’s okay!

  • We’ve also been working on Mythic + here and there as time allows. Typically we’ve been running Sunday afternoons around 3pm PST/4pm MST/6pm EST.

Also, yes, we welcome you and your dracthyr characters! Who doesn’t want to play a dragon?


While it would be nice to simply say “Don’t be a jerk” we wanted to spell out our expectations of members:

  1. We are an LGTBQ+ guild. You don’t have to consider yourself part of that community to hang out with us by any means! We’re happy to have you however you identify! But, if it’s something you’re not okay with for whatever reason, we’re not going to be a good fit for you.

  2. Racist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-semitic, islamophobic, and xenophobic remarks are not acceptable and have no place in our Discord or guild chat. This is one of our main tenants as a guild and no exceptions will be made for those who violate this rule.

  3. Be considerate of each other and each other’s time. While this seems common sense, it is nonetheless worth restating. We all are here to have fun. If no one is available to RP, or participate in an in-game activity (e.g. dungeons), do not take it personally. We’re all working adults, some of us have children, and other demands on our time outside of the game!

  4. Keep IC drama IC. One of the joys of roleplay is character interaction! Some characters become great friends, form romantic attachments, or even butt heads from time to time. If you have concerns about an in-character interaction, please make an effort to talk to the player in question out-of-character. Misunderstandings happen quite easily, but they can also be resolved equally as fast.

How to Join:

Now that we’re through all that, the most important question: how do you join? It’s pretty easy!


Alliance players can look for us in the guild finder on Wyrmwrest Accord. It’s a convenient way for us to approve applicants, especially if we’re all not online at the same time! You can also just join our Discord and get ahold of us that way to get a character added.


We’re still working out the smoothest way to get our Horde friends added given cross-faction players are currently required to be part of a Battle.net community or Battle.net friends to get a guild invite from another faction. We are currently recommending you join our Discord and, from there, we can add you to the Battle.net community we have, and THEN add you in-game.

We know, we know. It’s a pain. We’re hoping Blizzard removes that Battle.net requirement sooner rather than later!

Discord Information:

Below you’ll find a link to our Discord server! Note: while we don’t have applications, we do put you in a temporary channel to start just to minimize disruption to the rest of the server:

  • discord.gg/BqFGUvxHRB

If you have questions before joining, that’s also 100% cool! Whisper Renan or Tarsla (or Nyreena, or Kynos, for Tarsla’s alts) with any questions you might have. Or post here on the forums! We’ll try and check back regularly and respond.

Thanks for reading and see you in Azeroth!


Greetings from Duskwood, Redridge neighbor! I hope your guild thrives, the concept is unique and your OOC foundations are solid! Saberon are so underused, give the glyph back to us, Blizzard!


Howdy from the Dawn! Having a guild setup in every area is fantastic for Wrymrest’s Alliance community and I hope to see ya around!


Thanks folks! :smiley: Looking forward to see you all around as well!

Nice to meet some friendly folks! Fingers crossed that our paths cross, whether in Redridge or the Isles!

Do you have a schedule for raiding?

Key Kimley! We do not have a schedule for raiding at this time. Not sure if that’s something we’re going to do as a guild yet. Depends on a) numbers, b) interest, and c) time! The usual constraints. :slight_smile:

Happy New Year all! We hope the holidays have treated you all kindly!

Not too much to update on at this time. We have added a couple new members, hurray! We’re still looking for more, of course. RP in Discord flows at a semi-steady pace as time permits. We’d love to be able to do some PvE, probably in the form of dungeons to start, so as we–hopefully–add more people we can find a time that works across time zones and work schedules!

Take care all!

Hey all! We did our first set of mythic dungeons together as a group! Only a couple of us died, but we knocked out a couple low-level keys and hopefully folks will get a nice treat in their vault this week! Take care and see everyone in Azeroth!

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Hey folks! Another week down! It was a long one? Maybe just me. We’re giving dungeons another go tomorrow. Fingers crossed the loot gods are kind! :smiley:

Reached out on my paladin Mackenroy online. If we need to do a follow up or I need to talk to an officer I am around after 9 PM CST most days!

Is this primarily a RP guild? Or is there some PVE? I’m looking for a casual PVE guild.

Hey Luthena! We do RP some, but we’re starting to do some PVE as well. Just started doing some casual low-key Mythics the last couple of weeks on Sundays (11am PST/2pm EST) since that’s when we could get a quorum. You’re welcome to check us out! If we’re not a great fit, no harm, no foul.

Hey all! February is already in full swing. We had another successful round of Mythic dungeon delving on Sunday with another set up for this week. Still looking for more folks to join the fun, maybe we can get multiple groups going.

Hope every has a great week!

Hey folks! This month is just flying by! We’re still plugging away at Mythics, averaging 6s pretty easily right now, and enjoying the new Trading Post. I think all of us have our new glowy cats now. Still looking for folks to join us on our adventures! Be it RP or PvE!

See everyone in Azeroth!

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Hey all! Another week begins! We knocked out our usual Mythics yesterday with the help of a member of the WrA Community Project, adding a bit of extra fun to the group! We’re still looking for more folks to join in the fun, both in RP and PvE. Have a great week! :slight_smile:

Another week down! This week we were back in full-force and back on our normal Sunday Mythic schedule, thought daylight savings schemed against us. Today we knocked out an 8 and a 9, new highs for us! Still looking for folks to join us. Have a great week all!

Hey all! Hope everyone is having as much fun exploring the Forbidden Reach as we are! Not much else to report other than Mythics continue as usual on Sundays–still looking for more folks to join us–and getting gear for alts. Well, maybe that’s just me. :slight_smile:

See everyone in Azeroth!

Welcome to April all! Our ongoing efforts to recruit are not a joke, unlike the latest blue post from the WoW devs. :rofl: We’re doing Mythics on Sunday afternoons still, pushing 8 & 9 keys and RP continues here and there as time allows. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Hey all! Another week of spring down. Currently we’re enjoying new transmog options and messing around in Mythics. We’re also talking about taking the guild cross-faction when that feature becomes available. We really like the potential narratives it opens, on top of the chance to get to know more lovely folks!