AH Extremely Slow - Throttles Need Adjustment

Per this thread, Blizzard added new throttles on the APIs used by addons, while leaving the default UI untouched. The current implementation of this has resulted in the AH being completely unusable with addons on busier realms. As the author of a popular AH addon, our support channels have been flooded with people rightfully upset about the current state of things. In the original announcement, Blizzard stated that adjustments would be made to this throttle, but I haven’t seen any update on what those adjustments are, or what behavior they are actually trying to dissuade with the throttling.

For example, let’s say I want to level Inscription so need to get some Dusky Pigment. I want to go to the AH and find the cheapest herb I can mill to get that pigment. This is a great use-case which the default UI doesn’t address at all, so I would definitely prefer to use an addon that gives me a “one button” solution to search for the various herbs and tell me what the best one is to buy in order to get the pigment I want. However, I’ve tested this simple search for the 5 different herbs that mill into that pigment plus buying the pigment itself and have seen it take over a minute from the time I open the AH to the time I buy the first auction. Compare this to the couple of seconds something like this would have taken before the patch, or even on retail. More specifically, each individual scan query can now take between 2 and 6 seconds, whereas before the patch it was more like 0.3 seconds.

I would argue this is not at all an acceptable experience for WoW players, and hope Blizzard takes swift and meaningful steps to remedy this.


AH is fine it’s your add-ons ~ blizzard for the last 3 years.


Agreed, it’s absolutely terrible right now on Whitemane. Takes about 5 times longer than normal to do a simple search. Ruins any motivation to do any selling and even buying is a pain. This is with updated addons too.


Maybe you should have made sure your addon wasn’t such a resource hog.


Just give us the freaking retail AH.

Blizzard under the impression people have nostalgia for the classic version of the AH. Its crazy. just do it


Are we sure it’s add ons?

I don’t use any add ons for the AH and it’s running slow as hell for me.

Takes like 3minutes for me to even go to the next page.


can confirm AH is very slow, thought it was just my Auctionator addon.


Addons do cause additional strain, but it’s also just the overcrowded servers, the combination of both makes things really bad.

They throttled addons, but even not using an addon to search/buy is still slow. And that completely ignores the many issues that the old default AH UI has.

the amount of effort and time they spent giving us a straight downgrade in the name of an “authentic” experience is insane. features stripped, missing entirely or in this case altered for some reason meanwhile they implemented the retail water textures? I’m so confused as to how the b-team is mishandling this so badly


Your addon is part of the reason that the AH became so slow where your “one button” solution is actually multiple actions in the background that is actually making the problem worse


Best thing Blizzard can do is bring us the Retail AH. Retail had the same issue and once they brought that in it ran smooth (aside from the most recent cross server commodities).

The other bonus of the Retail AH is that you can buy parts of a stack!


I’ve barely sold since Pre-patch.
Send help.

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I’d be happy if the default AH let me sort by buyout.


because everyone else is using them
running 20k searchs per second

i don’t have any AH addons and i can’t even buy or sell on faerlina every single night, it’s annoying as hell when the AH keep giving me “internal error” and most of the times pressing to buy something doesn’t make me buy it…also while searching pages, i need to wait 30sec every time i press on next page, the AH server is laggy as hell because of the insane numbers of people using it which is a problem from blizzard end.

even if people won’t use addon to run 34838438 search per second that won’t change the fact that the insane number of players on search won’t make the ah lag…and it’s blizzard fault if they allowed a server to hold thousands of players in the first place if the server can’t handle those numbers.


/shrug working fine for me, of course I don’t use add ons to try to cheat the system.

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It’s insane.

Took me like 15 minutes to buy like 3 pieces of gear and some glyphs for my Warrior.

the AH is even sluggish and full of errors even with all addons turned off.

Internal auction errors for everyone


These changes have been extremely painful for those of us who primarily enjoy playing the economy game. TradeSkillMaster has always worked great. I’ve been using it since original Wrath. But this added lag is seriously hindering my gameplay to the point where I’m wondering if it is even worth playing the game until they get this fixed.

I’m hoping we see some relief with a patch this next week, or at least a post acknowledging the problem and sharing ideas to fix it.

Thanks for all the hard work you do, both Blizzard devs and add on authors!


I wish we had the Grand Exchange that Oldschool RS uses… it’s almost fool-proof.