Again with blood infusion quest

so on youtube, i found a guide that can allow a player to solo the blood infusion quest with your alts, it requires wow on a ssd harddisk, i want to be sure that this is not an exploit before trying it myself.

I don’t know if i have to describe the method, if its allowed, I tried to do the quest the regular way with the help of a friend but with current healthpools and rezz sickness, he could not die fast enough to avoid me from getting mced.

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You won’t be getting a yes or no because it may open the door for future findings that they aren’t able to take action on because of something they said about something entirely unrelated in the past.

If you can’t do it within the normal design of the game, best to assume that you shouldn’t be doing it.


Is it the same video you linked in your previous thread? If so, I would think the comments from Blizzard would cause enough pause as to not wish to take the chance in doing it.

If your group mates are having difficulty in dying fast enough, I would suggest they kill their character a few times prior to the raid. They will need to take rez sickness each time. It would be advisable for them to remove their gear before doing that, so as not to incur massive repair costs.


The method suggested for the solo attempt is exploiting game mechanics.

There’s three walk-throughs for doing it as a small group.


how can you be sure even when a gm could not confirm it?

You seriously wanna take that chance?


If you want to do it that badly, go for it. The blues here, nor GMs in the ticket system, isn’t going to give you the green light.


Blizzard is historically pretty brutal when it comes to people exploiting in game mechanics.


It’s your account. You can always start another one.


The fact that you have to ask is already a huge red light. If you can’t accomplish it while playing the game normally and need to do very specific things to accomplish something that would otherwise not be “doable”, then it’s clearly not meant to happen and would be considered an exploit.

Even a blue here recommended against it. That’s ‘blue speak’ for “I wouldn’t if I were you!”


WoW boots you offline if you attempt to log in to the same WoW License more than once. That very fact should tell you that attempting to bypass that system is a solid “don’t do it”.


The fact that you had to ask if it was exploiting indicates that you recognize that it’s at least highly questionable. The fact that you won’t accept any answer that’s contrary to what you want to hear is a pretty clear sign that you’re going to do whatever you want anyway, so just go do it.

Just don’t come back crying when you get banned, or expect any response other than ‘told you so’.


this as to be one heck of a stupid comment, the fact that i go and ask if this is right or wrong should be a clear indication that i am not 100% sure, comments like yours and mine, responding to you, don’t add anything to what i was trying to figure out, i won’t use that guide and find another way to get that stupid quest done

Why the name calling? They were trying to show you that there are ways to get it done. You don’t have to take the advice but to call them names is pretty over the top. What you are asking about is an exploit, it it the very definition of an exploit. Not liking the answer doesn’t make it wrong or give you an excuse to call other’s stupid.


The fact that it requires specific hardware to do it is an indication that it is an exploit.

From a Blue about exploits


On the subject of doing it the right way as to not tempt fate, take a rez sick warlock(s) with you. Have them use Burning Rush to lower their own health way down. (It’s been a long, long time so forgive me if I’m remembering wrong.)


i tried with a friend who was on his lock, the sad part is that the dk batle rez and soulstone share a cooldown :confused: