Adventures Companions Updates Now Live

With hotfixes that are now live, we’ve applied a suite of updates to Adventures for the Kyrian and Venthyr Covenants, in hopes of bringing their performance while adventuring up to that of the Necrolords and Night Fae. Here’s a list of all of the changes that are now in effect.

The Kyrian Covenant Companions were a mix of durable combatants and fragile fighters who had big abilities, but deploying them effectively wasn’t as intuitive as expected. To compensate, we’ve boosted many abilities and decreased some Companions’ overall fragility.

  • Pelagos health increased by 20%.
  • Teliah spell effectiveness increased by 18%.
  • Kythekios attack increased by 50%.
  • Telethakas health increased by 100%, and spell effectiveness increased by 167%.
  • Hala health increased by 17%, attack increased by 50%, and spell effectiveness increased by 30%.
  • Molako health increased by 67%, and spell effectiveness increased by 33%.
  • Ispiron attack increased by 33%.
  • Nemea attack increased by 33%, and spell effectiveness increased by 50%.
  • Pelodis attack increased by 33%, and spell effectiveness increased by 50%.
  • Disciple Kosmas health increased by 20%.
  • Bron attack increased by 50%.
  • Apolon health increased by 25%, and spell effectiveness increased by 100%.

Many of the Venthyr Covenant Companions were not as well established in their different roles as we hoped. Some had a powerful attack, but were beaten before they could deploy it. They’ve each received an improvement that fits with their purpose.

  • General Draven health increased by 25%.
  • Nadjia the Mistblade health increased by 30%.
  • Theotar health increased by 25%, and spell effectiveness increased by 20%.
  • Stonehuck health increased by 25%.
  • Kaletar the Mender health increased by 20%, and spell effectiveness increased by 67%.
  • Ayeleth the Deprived health increased by 38%, and spell effectiveness increased by 43%.
  • Rahel health increased by 40%, and spell effectiveness increased by 100%.
  • Stonehead health increased by 25%, cooldown increased to 4 rounds (was 2), and spell effectiveness increased by 400%.
  • Simone health increased by 38%.
  • Bogdan spell effectiveness increased by 150%.
  • Thela Soulsipper health increased by 38%.
  • Dug Gravewell health increased by 14%.
  • Nerith Darkwing health increased by 38%.
  • Lost Sybille health increased by 50%, and spell effectiveness increased by 40%.
  • Vulca health increased by 25%, and spell effectiveness increased by 25%.

We’ve additionally updated the Ardenweald Bramble Trap ability to correct a bug that caused its damage reduction to incorrectly apply permanently to enemy units.

  • Ardenweald Bramble Trap ability redesigned. This is now a 1-cooldown ability which deals damage and reduces the damage of the next enemy attack.

Any word on tables mission level outleveling our followers/companions?


Maybe if your developers spent this much time balancing PVP we would have a good arena meta lol


Really need the XP missions added back in as there is no reason for them to disappear when you hit a certain campaign/mission table (whatever you want to call it ) level. Especially with the Ardenweald nerf and not having been able to level followers there won’t be any missions that will even be possible to do.


The pacing of campaign adventure missions/mission levels and champion levels is really awful right now.

Leveling new champions once your table is too high of a level and hardly ever gets XP missions anymore is also a massive problem currently.

After the nerf to trappers, Night Fae tables with high level missions may become very difficult to complete as well.


Not just difficult but nigh-impossible at the current rates of experience gain. Going to be sending out a ton of suicide missions for 1500 XP over 12 hours to catch adventurers up to the campaign level I was allowed to complete before.

Honestly, the other covenants’ buffs are sorely needed but gutting Night Fae was not.


I am night fae and have all but the final campaign mission done. I can’t complain, I knew this would get changed at some point. But since there are no more xp missions showing up I literally just toss my characters at a lvl 51 gold mission to waste 12hrs and die. Rinse and repeat. They can’t beat the lower level ones (or if they can it’s not worth the low experience rate) and it’s definitely not worth the insane anima cost to heal them between rounds. So it’s literally send them on missions I know they can’t beat to grind xp. They never get healed because it’s over 1k anima and I just do that over. And over. And over. Not exactly fun =/


Yeah this is all it’s become for the new adventurers I get. The ones that are reaching the 40 range take days to gain a single level. The gutting could have waited until a mission re-design once at campaign level 17+.

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Kept completing campaign missions, kept succeeding at campaign missions and now I have level 30s who can’t do anything except die. WTB mission scaling to follower levels and a return of XP missions so long as followers aren’t level capped. Can keep the missions the campaign unlocked at a higher level that can’t be completed at level 30 but would still like a way to bypass this design oversight in the nightfae table on release.


Glad to see buffs instead of nerfs.

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Or how about just making experience missions available at every bracket?

Or maybe make new followers scale to the level of your average ones? You know, anything?


Yeah, it’s kinda awful right now, my missions give so little, they’re too high for my followers and i have such little anima coming in each week from normal levels of gameplay that my entire covenant is basically sitting there without being upgraded because i never recovered from the first 5000 hit.


This is what you’ve been spending your time on?

Maybe you could undo the currently unjustified and illogical Legion/BFA nerfs on Death Strike? How is this not on your radar?
This class has nigh 0% representation in 2’s because Death Strike is literally the equivalent of a lvl5 Paladin casting Holy Light.
3’s Representation isnt much better.



Blizzard: Here we fixed some stuff.
You: Yeah but pvp tho.

Can’t be happy about anything can you?


solution is easy, new companions shouldn’t be level 1. they should be at very least the min level of your current troops. that’ll fix leveling probelm and the whole “I got a new follower and my troops got weaker for no reason” issue


You realize this was literally like maybe an hour of dumping some numbers into variables right.

You care about this too much man, go outside some time.


He’s right to complain.

PvP balance is polarizingly HORRIBLE.
Mission tables are literally 100% irrelavant.

The actual game is in shambles, and needs to be balanced before they waste time on garbage like mission table tuning.


How much does enlisting in the Blizzard Defense Force pay nowadays lol


About as much as crying on the forums does.


You get mounts from mission tables, that makes them relevant for a lot of people.