Addons greatly devalue the Classic Experience

You know, we really do NOT need yet another thread on this. I WILL use whatever addons I want to. PERIOD. End of discussion.

You play YOUR game and I will play MINE. If you don’t want to use addons, DON’T! But do NOT tell ME how to play the game that I PAY FOR.

What are they then? I remember that I used Quest Helper and Carbonite when I first started playing WoW. But I don’t see those in the list of addons that are currently set up for Classic. So please, tell us what these other, BETTER, addons are?

devalue for who?
I’ve never used add-ons, never will, but it doesn’t bother me one bit if others use them.
just play your game your way and enjoy it.

Who, exactly, is stopping you from playing totally free from addons and having this experience you crave?

ok so your happy with us having utility add ons, as long as it’s only for raids, but other add ons are bad?

sorry if I am repeating its just that you seem to have a very VERY specific view on how others should play and its really hard to keep up as you seem to now be contradicting yourself

Related question, will the original decursive be coming back?
That addon basically played for you

I read all the quest text, multiple times, 15 years ago.

I’m here for the Blues and Purps.

No. Best you can do is mouse-over individual character tabs and spam Remove Curse.

The old 1-click blind auto-decursive doesn’t work. In fact, I think that was removed by 1.12 patch in vanilla too, unless I’m mistaken.

Looks like it was 2.0 when it got the axe.

But they arent using the old 2004 api, so imagine that some of the old addons wont be making a come back in the same way

This post covers it all

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Addons have been in WoW since the beginning. We used addons in vanilla. Even boss mods existed by 1.12. Quest/leveling guides also existed, you just had to alt-tab to read the next step and off you went.

It’s not easy breaking addons. A lot of the addons many of us might like to see broken would also in the process break addons we don’t mind. Breaking LFG addons might brake roleplaying addons that rely on similar communication methods to sync and share, say, character profiles. Get what I’m saying?

This would require–yes, REQUIRE–a major UI update. The stock vanilla UI is utter garbage. Even back in vanilla we all knew this and used addons to provide baseline functionality the stock UI lacked until like MoP. I don’t oppose the idea of Blizzard curating a selection of approved addons, but I don’t see them putting in the extra work and I don’t think most people actually feel strongly about this.

Addons existed and were used in vanilla. And if we wanted a true, authentic experience we wouldn’t be excited for a 1.12 private server model rollout that leaves most of the game in a nerfed state. Let’s be honest.

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Will we still need quartz? I remember that being almost mandatory as a canadian

How is “just don’t use the addons” not a valid argument? Since by various accounts, there were addons in true Vanilla WoW, what’s wrong with having them in Classic?

The bad players have been fighting the existence of damage meters since vanilla. Honestly it truly is the classic experience to see someone asking for no addons.

I wasn’t 60 by the time Classic ended but I’m pretty sure a ton of guilds required certain add-ons else you weren’t raiding.

i will only be using dps meter and maybe a UI addon. No questie or DBM for me. I don’t care if anyone else uses them but makes the game less fun for me. That said i am not playing competitively so i don’t care if i fall behind

i am sure that is true but the weird thing is people in these forums always talk about things you have to do to raid but the VAST majority of people wont be raiding, so use what addons make the game fun for you and play and class the way you want to play it. Raiding is only for about 10% of the population

Helloooooo 2019!!

YOU are responsible for YOUR OWN actions. Don’t want to use add-ons? Don’t. Don’t want to gank lower level players? Don’t!

Don’t want to try to impose your personal code on others? DON’T!

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The no-addons people are a passionate but also miniscule group. Questie will easily keep thousands or tens of thousands of people from stopping after level 5.

Not everyone believes that reading ambiguous quest text because of 2003 dev time constraints is an engaging aspect of the game.

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Here is a tip: If you think add-ons will ruin the experience, don’t use the add-ons. Me using add-ons do not affect your game play.

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