Add RBG's to WOTLK

Since they’re already talking about ruining racial abilities, not adding faction changes and omitting dungeon finder, as well as adding gender changes in the barber shop, they might as well roll with the inconsistencies. RBG’s would give people something else to do in this game and likely boost activity/subs.


I second this, rbgs will be so fun in Wrath. Get it done blizzard.


Hell yes! Please blizzard! :pray:

It wouldn’t break the game or the meta or anything like that, and would be super super awesome.

It’s totally doable and would be a mega enhancement for WOTLK!


Only if they break the ability to premade in regular BGs.


Can we get Zipzo to weigh on why adding RBGs to WoTLK Classic is bad, given that we have Zipzo on-the-record that removing RDF from WoTLK Classic is good?


How would that even remotely be an improvement? Horrible idea.

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Because RBGs would be where you premade, not regular BGs. Regular BGs should be limited to 5 man groups.


They’re limited to 5 man groups now…

Would love to see this added to wrath!


They were, but then Blizz changed it so more could queue together but are supposed to only be matched against other pre-mades whenever possible. Unfortunately, the matchmaking hasn’t worked very well.

I gotcha. I honestly don’t see the issue though, pre-mades are a staple in any kind of BG. People should be able to get honor without it being a grueling process with incapable PUGs and move on to a competitive level with the same squad.

It’s a grueling process when you are on the receiving end of a pre-made.

That would be poggers

yes RBGS would be ameizing

People who want to group with their friends shouldn’t have to suffer because other people don’t have any.


So grouping with 4 of your friends isn’t good enough?

Why should you be forced to play with PUGs?


We’ve seen they’ll hold anything useful so they can milk the next classic expansion out of you.

Whether we want it or not, they’re going to shove Classic Cata in our faces.

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But you don’t have to with RBGs, which is why I would be ok adding those as long as you can’t pre-made in regular BGs.

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I would love RBGs in WotLK!