Activision and Blizzard relationship


The troll post has drawn forth a blue post…the fish will feed!


It is mainly the fact that there is a response to such a benign statement in the midst of a lot of confusion and disappointment.

It seems akin to stopping to comment on the generic wallpaper of a hallway… while you are on the top floor of a building that is on fire and in danger of collapse.


look a butterfly! (watch a blue post inc!)

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CM’s can only comment on game-things on the developers behalf. They are the go between. Perhaps pipe in to Q&A’s and so forth. I’m not sure what you expect the CMs to say about each and every doom and gloom the sky is falling post on GD.


Even assuming that to be true (which it looks like they would have broken that rule before), then we could have kept the silence going instead of the pointless entry.


Because they’re upset and they don’t know how companies work, that or trolling, you can guess which one it usually is. It’s usually legitimate complaints that are reaching for an irrational explanation.

I get why it happens, but I would be lying to you if I said it wasn’t a little frustrating sometimes.

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I’d rather they post at least some of the topics than none of them. The topics related to what’s causing player disappointment are far too touchy for them to easily make blue posts over.

When they post on a topic, and you complain that they’re not talking about the topic you want them to talk about, it encourages them to talk less not more.


This at least has some substance to it and touches on the larger issue seen in the forums and Internet at large.

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Ythisens - I am so happy that you’re here to give us a little insight and little support - we’ve all missed your posts.


saw my butterfly!

but that was the most human response ive seen in a long time from a blue!

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they don’t know how companies work,

This, I believe, is the issue.

Ythisens, I am not saying this is right so bear with me, but the belief is that Activision is well…“pressuring” Blizzard into certain actions. Cutting costs, that kind of thing.

Im not getting into the yea or nay for one reason: I know zero about how it all works so i wont draw conclusions on the basis I dont know enough about it t make what Id call an informed decision.


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Thank you for being our CM Ythisens, I think you do an amazing job!!


Nice to know all the ruining is done in house.

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I’m not seeing how giving the official stamp on something is a bad thing. It clarifies things for those that are easily confused by corporate dynamics and provides a Blizzard Approved™ point of reference for discussions on this topic in the future.

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Because the alternative is that Blizzard themselves are to blame, people don’t want to accept that. Passing the blame onto others gives people hope that Blizzard is still Blizzard at heart.

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Activision is the puppeteer pulling the strings and Blizz is the puppet :grinning:

In all seriousness I have no clue on how their relationship works. I would imagine its more then Blizz defenders think but not quite as much as the naysayers think.


Well Ythisens already blew this imaginary rule set out of the water with the second post in this thread, so we can stop pretending that we live in that world now. I would be wary of saying that the Blizz tracker is a way saying that it is a Blizzard-approved statement… I would not want to put that pressure on those folks since they would essentially be checking for board approval of every post in fear of losing their jobs.

And I am very glad that the second statement was made - it acknowledges the proverbial elephant in the room. There is no doubt that there are people jumping on the WoW-hating bandwagon that has been growing and buying into the conspiracy theories (this is a USA forum after all - drinking the Kool Aid and making bad choices is our thing).

On the polar opposite side of that group you have the folks blindly defending everything WoW and believing that Blizzard is infallible. If you listened to the devs they would be the first to admit that is not true.


Most people do not even bother to realize that Activision Blizzard is not the first parent company that Blizzard has had before.

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People have to remember that it is Activision Blizzard and not Blizzard Activision .

Also the over all corporate structure all the heads of the various sibling companies (Activision president , Blizzard President , KIng president ect ) all answer to the same person (Former Activision and current Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick)

BLizzard and Activision may publish their own games but the parent company has final say and can press what ever subsidiary they have under them into what ever direction they chose ,if they feel it will make them a better profit for the company and investors.

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They’re PR. They may not have to have VP approval for every single post they make but they definitely have a set of guidelines they have to follow and receive guidance on specific topics as the powers that be deep necessary.

The US is hardly the only nation to makes bad choices. Also, as a fun fact, Jonestown used Flavor-Aid, not Kool Aid.