"Account wide essences" was a lie

Just be glad you’re not in classic where you’re really stuck with the choices you make.

They literally said if you had earned a rank 3 essence you would then be able to buy it on an alt.

It’s that simple. And that’s what was implemented.


Lots of people are too lazy to look into things themselves and read the details. They hear account wide essences then assume it’s going to be something that it’s not then are disappointed.

Those aren’t “mistakes”, they’re “personal touches”.

From a lawyer? Say it aint so.


Oh you want handouts! Now your rants make sense, well by sense I get why you are moaning.

And again, you get them if you did the work, you didn’t, easy as that. It’s funny how entitled the player base is these days. It’s almost like we should start at max level every expansion with max gear and just get that handed around right?

I am with plenty here, they make it easier for a second time no less, and what do they get for it? People like you who can’t appreciate anything. The forums are filled with the entitled who can’t be bother to actually play the game.

You mean like needing 500 of the currency, and you need them on characters that don’t have the essences or gear to easily get said currency?

I’d wager that if you polled players, most people would prefer raiding and m+ to the essence system. I’m not sure this is the argument you want to make.

The acquisition of the currency is the right way to do it. You get currency no matter what activity you do, and then you buy the essence off a vendor in the order you choose. This should have been the way it was from day 1.


I bet you would not see either being overly popular with the general populous. Does that make M+ and raiding failed content?

Why do you think that? Anyone who doesn’t like m+ or raiding is probably not playing the game.

I need my essences for RP purposes.

Yeah, I don’t like raiding or M+ (as I’ve said) and there are quite a few of use who don’t do either.

Heck look at some of the characters posting right about you. No M+ and almost no raiding.

You mean a bit work? You mean the same thing that has always been required in this game?

They made it easier, your comment about fresh toons being handed end game things tells me all I need to know about your style of game play. The game has never rewarded alts like this, yet here you are wanting more. The reality is not LFR or LFG ruining the game, it’s this player base who can;t be bothered to do anything unless they hand it to you or nerf it. Half of those posting here would never have lasted through bc-lich, there was no loot pinata, and I know it’s hard to grasp but you wanted an alt, you put in equal time.

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Not a lie, merely a setback…


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Ok? I don’t see your point. The way essences work currently is wildly unpopular. That’s a fact. You can always find at least one person with some edge case opinion, even if it’s only to be a contrarian. Things don’t have to be unanimous, or nothing would ever get done.

Poll the players. See what’s the most popular. Do that, and reap the PR windfall.

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You are making up “facts” based on your own opinion. Raiding and M+ are also wildly unpopular. You are just not running in the circles of people who do not like that content.


So, your position is that the essence system is more popular than m+ and raiding?

Also, please explain how that is relevant.

No, my position is that you are making up your facts with unsupported conjecture based on your own personal bias and anecdotal observations with people who like the same things as you.

I bet you that more people have multiple essences at R3 then have done a single M+ or even normal raid.

It is relevant because you call something you don’t like failed when it fact it is the opposite as you obtaining them has proven.

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That’s just full of all kinds of fallacies, not the least of which is that in order to compete in m+ and raiding, you’re required to obtain the essences.

By your logic, the DMV is wildly more fun than just about anything, given the high percentage of people with a drivers license vs the low percentage of people who (for example) attended Disney World.

I’ve never, not once, ever in my entire WoW “career”, heard anyone say that questing our dailies or world quests or any of that was more fun than raiding or m+. Never. It’s never happened.

Now, there’s probably an autist or a government idealist who thinks the DMV is a better experience than Disney World, and their opinion is perfectly valid for them, but it’s not something anyone would base policy on.

My suggestion: Poll the players. Do what the players want.

Your reply: I like doing quests so nothing should change.

Who here, then, is extending their personal bias into policy? I completely understand not wanting to ask the question because you know you won’t like the answer, but that’s a terrible way to write policy.

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  1. They never said they were account wide essences.

  2. Even if they were advertised as “account wide essences”, which they were not, the only ones that would be account wide are the ones you have already obtained, meaning not the tank or healer ones if you play a dps only class.